Spondylitis discussed on Saturday Morning Show


And and the thing is if we could keep you if we can help those drugs work better maybe you don't have to go to the more serious level of drugs which at a tanf tanf alpha inhibiting drugs like humira his those drugs have some really powerful compliment problems consequences for instance they suppress the immune system so much there's a problem with getting weird infections but also here's what happens the tanf alpha inhibitors used for really serious autoimmune diseases pushed down a very powerful part of the immune system when a push that down at treats the disease and that's important because some of these diseases are dangerous some of them are really disfiguring like ankylosing spondylitis rheumatoid arthritis so pushing down one part of the immune system tanf alpha controls those diseases the problem is eventually another part of the immune system pops up it's called interleukin one and that's a problem because interleukin one stops the drug from working affectively but to look in one increases the risk of cancer they think the entire increased risk of cancer with those tanf inhibiting drugs is to do to a surgeon at the lucan won the beauty of the buyer kirkman five lacson is they pushed down into looking one so that means it's going to keep the humira working or whatever tanf elfin hitting drug you're on or whatever monoclonal antibody around the treat your disease but also it's going to take away to cancer risk even inflammation in the brain and any is i've had a couple of people now with uva itis or central corio retinopathy where.

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