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Hello and welcome back to this special christmas programme i'm jiri stewart it was christmas eve 1820 to and in the more house it was anything but a joyful christmas eve a sixyearold girl her name was charity lay in her bed deathly sick with tuberculosis as she lay they're deathly sick charity had but one request to hear a new story from her father for christmas her father was a great one for stories and she always love to hear a new one so on that christmas eve 1820 to her father clement more sought to compose for his daughter a new christmas story in the form of a poem but just what should he write about he wanted the story to be one that would bring joy to his little girl and then he remembered that during a recent trip to his town he had heard a local woodcutter telling some children a story about a man in denmark named saint nicholas so this inspired clemett more to write a story he called a visit from saint nicholas he worked frantically through the night to finish the story and when he finished he rushed to tell the story to his sick daughter and his great pleasure to love the story it started lack this towards the night before christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse sound familiar of course it does it perhaps the most popular christmas poem in the world which has been listened to and enjoy by hundreds of millions of children for almost two hundred years include but there's something different it's the poems title we don't know this point by the title a visit from saint nicholas a poem title is towards the night before christmas but there is a.

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