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Hi Welcome back fifth episode. This week's been a while since we've been able to do that and we're gonNA finish up with Ben Taylor. I promise this time. This'll be the last one one as we declare an all decade champion but we have some news that has piled up. Let's get to that here as we're recording this late on Thursday with start at the bottom alphabet here. The Washington Wizards completely destroyed by injuries. Right now remember. Thomas Bryant already out for them re-watch Moore's to miss at least the next five games with a Groin Ryan Issue Komo Wagner missed. His third straight in there eighteen point fourth quarter collapse against the Bulls on Wednesday so they basically have to healthy guys who can even pretend to be big one is Britain's and the other one is our old friend unjust `Push Knicks. Who was signed to a two way? He actually closed that. Ot game against against the Bulls in other news CJ miles with that foot issue. The Wizards have been granted. A four point three million disabled player exception remember that enables you to either either trade for a player making up to that amount in the last year of his deal or you may sign a player for up to that amount with currently have about four point five million below the tax if they want to do some trading though they might want to retain some of that room. I don't necessarily see them making a trade here. We don't have any idea how long wagner is going to be honest early Bryant should hopefully be back within the next couple of weeks based in that initial timeline also of note a wizard jammed. Tommy Sheppard set an podcast that They intend to keep devas us. Protons he has been the subject of trade rumors mostly because he's played so well and I think teams who are contending believed that they can help him really depends on whether the wizards are willing to pay up for him if he continues to shoot it like this. There's been a lot of great work done on the level of shooter that he has become able to make contested shots at six. Ten sprinting off screens really really valuable offense a player I think he deserves a ton of credit for how good this wizards offense has been considering their overall lack of talent beyond Bradley appeal so I'm sure his name will come up a lot more during the trade deadline whether you intend to keep them or not. This is what you say. If you want to drive up his value in theory that you gotta bullets over with with an offer and they probably haven't made a decision yet either on whether they want to keep run and twenty million a year for him. It wouldn't be absolutely absolutely jockeying. Frankly the way he shot the ball here. I'd be interested to see how he fits in as a starting power Florida on a team. That's got a little more defense around him in Utah. Bad News for Mike Conley Junior. He remember initially had a setback when he tried to ramp up his activity about a week and a half ago then he returned on Tuesday and had to leave the game again after only nineteen minutes. He's at now expected to miss multiple games and couldn't back to even miss multiple weeks reporting according there by Tony. Jones and Sean Toronto for Toronto looks like Fred Band Fleet might make his return on Friday. He didn't plan Wednesday against the Pistons. He said that knee issue. Initially termed a contusion also they are running into some additional injury issues with norm Powell. Having to leave on Wednesday with a shoulder issue he could potentially really miss sometimes. We'll get reevaluated. On Friday we ran into a screen set by Blake Griffin and was inconsiderable pain. So at a minimum. You'd have to expect that it's something that's going to affect him even if he's able play through it and then mark the soul never a good sign when you have to leave the game with the hamstring injury. Looks like it could be something. That's not going to be just a low grade. Great Hamstring issue. We haven't gotten a initial update on that happened in the first quarter on Wednesday against the Pistons after he'd had his best game of the euro seventeen points and fifteen rebounds. Lisa typically thickly in the previous game so that means Serge. IBAKA IS GONNA play. Chris Boucher is going to be their backup center in Phoenix. James Jones or GM hopeful that Devon Booker can finally return on Friday with that forum issue. That's kept around maybe longer than expected. And this is concerning here with Cam Johnson. He didn't play against the clippers on Tuesday. He'd battling left hip soreness for about a week unclear whether he's GONNA play in their next game on Friday but recall their concerns about his hip in the draft. That's one the reason why he was considered potentially reach the other is the perceived lack of upside. He'd actually been playing well. He closed the game as I mentioned with Josh Lloyd earlier in the week against Portland on Monday Eh. The Knicks Alonzo Cheers Miss. Three straight. With a concussion. You would think at some point. They're going to try and get him some more minutes but he's yet another one of these on bog is is the fit can be pretty tough with him and there are other players Reggie. Bulaq is finally cleared to practice coming up. Next surgery recalled that he was going to get paid a lot more this summer and then this next emerged and he ended up getting a two minus one at the room exception. My recollection was used was beginning being a about eight million or so initially. That's what enabled the Knicks to sign Marcus Morris instead also worth noting that Dennis Smith is getting getting. DMP's now Alfred. Payton has been playing pretty well under the Mike Miller renaissance slash dead cat bounce so with that being the case Several teams according to Ian Begley are interested in trading for Dennis Smith. Junior one of them being the wolf's wolves don't have much in the long-term at Point Guard they've obviously been linked to you D Ngelo Russell as well and it is something else I talked about with Josh Lloyd. A little bit Mark Stein reporting that the Pelicans would consider trading drew holiday. Josh I talked a little little bit about what kind of package would be required. That's another one. I'm sure we're going to get into as we get closer to the trade deadline. Minnesota aforementioned Karl Anthony towns could miss multiple games with a sprained left knee. He did not play last night as they got crushed at home by the pels. Were on a twelve game losing streak Minnesota pretty hopeless without crying. Anthony towns. Miami Goran Dragic had that green issue. He's hoping to return Friday against the Knicks per woge and justice wins owed no word on him getting close with that lower back strain likewise with cal Kuzina in L. A.. Keeps getting ruled out a day in advance with that ankle sprain and recall. Of course he's had a foot issues cousin to miss the start of the year. This is big news for the clippers amid the morass of environmental regulations. And the general impossibility of building. Anything in California that we Californians are known. Love Gavin newsom. The governor signed a Bill fast-tracking the arena arena meaning that environmental objections are to be adjudicated within the next year. or so. And this would set up a timeline for construction to to start in two thousand twenty one on that new clippers arena in Inglewood. Of course there is also the lawsuit ongoing with the forum in a separate action. That's not related to the state regulatory issues. But this would mean that they can leave staple center when their lease ends in two thousand twenty. Four and congratulations clippers only took you about ten years or so if you get it done in two thousand twenty four to build this arena Jamaica. Green also has missed a bunch of time now with a bruised tailbone and he's supposed to be back in the next few Games in Detroit Blake Griffin actually returned against Toronto on Wednesday recall that he had had to leave with left knee soreness he got an MRI and was able to come back. My guest was that he felt. Hey I'm got the soreness. Maybe it's smarter to leave the game but it turned out that nothing showed up on the MRI and and so you know maybe it was the type of thing where you could play with it. But he's like Hey I've got this sources at smart to do so and they give an MRI and maybe that's just how it's going to be for Blake now but it does seem pretty a clear to me that this is something. He's been showing what he's had that sleeve on his left knee all season. He had the surgery last year. Hasn't looked nearly the same as he did when he was so key. The in their playoff push a season ago Reggie Jackson. They're supposed to be an update on him. Tuesday there was not meanwhile Christian would suffered a left knee injury and Wednesday. Look a little scary. At first but He Bay needs to said to have avoided serious. Injury may miss sometimes unclear whether that's the case or not Cleveland and other rookie. We've been waiting to see the in part because they have so little on the wing and win. They're not necessarily GONNA saw their defensive issues but they do need more just off ball players as well in Cleveland. But we're not going to see him for some time here. He had a setback in his return from that left leg stress fracture. Remember that those supposed to be something that was gonNA keep them out. Maybe the first couple of weeks of the season so they've been exceedingly seemingly cautious and bring him back and he again had the setback so no on-court activities for him for two weeks would imagine that It would be another two weeks after that of ramping up and cautioned before he get on the court in theory another player just we have not seen him. Hardly at all this year Otto Porter still out another three weeks discussion take the that his foot was gonna be immobilized during that time. So I mean this is starting to feel like he could be out the entire year and yet the bulls really needed. We talked before the season. I use their most indispensable player because they don't have any threes. And that means that Chris done is now starting at three and done certainly As ramped up up his defense. He's been one of the best defensive guards. Maybe the best defensive guards in basketball but if Chris done is you're starting three. It does make it really tough the obvious sued couple of three pointers lately. But you're just they ran into this problem. lasser there just wasn't the spacing and Chandler Hutchison who might also be a potential source of relief but also can't shoot at the three. He's been out for some time with the shoulder. He was doubtful against the wizards on Wednesday. So proudly don't think he's GonNa play in their next game either yet. Another frustrating injury absences talk about where Kyrie is still not cleared for. Contact did not accompany the nets on their trip. I'd just like to thank the nets and the way they handle injuries for just making a bunch of work for me the and everyone else to have to give these constant updates instead of just saying. Yeah he's GonNa Miss Three weeks. Check back in later Gordon Hayward now as out with a sore left foot foot and Brad Stevens revealed I appreciate the transparency here that he had been feeling this for over a month before he had missed time with that thumb injury and this is also considering because the left foot is of course the same foot which he suffered that gruesome fracture in the first game. Seventeen eighteen season so this is a big concern. He tried to cortisone shot. That didn't help ANC. He's going to probably have to miss a lot of time but it looks like this is something that could play game and really ashamed because he had. I've been playing so well last thing here before we get back to Ben after Atlanta's suffered a one forty three to one twenty loss to the Knicks not exactly An offensive powerhouse. To date. This is now becoming a regular occurrence of this team giving up a buck forty or more. They've already given up a buck. Fifty into games this year some very negative give quotes Basically establishing that this is yet another dear for the hawks season. Chris Hanes had a story then crafted as only Chris can do it with the headlined being Lloyd Pearson Not on the hot seat yet and then of course talking about all the source issues that everyone seems to have with Lord Pearce from a macro view. I would say hey that every single issue that the hawks had is something. That was very obvious when you just looked at their personnel before the season it was obvious they weren't gonna be able to stop anybody. It was obvious that at the center position sucked. It was obvious that they had absolutely nothing at backup point guard and they can't scored all with trae young off the floor and that's why they have been terrible and now it does does seem like there are some internal issues. That are developing Vince. Carter had to play too much obviously. They've missed John Collins as well. He's going to be back on Monday. But it's getting to the point. Now remember those that report a couple of weeks ago from Shaam that a front office person was seen telling trae young. Yes like we're going to get you some help. And and that seems odd for where they are on a path but with young being this good or at least thinking that he's this good and yet the team being this bad add that leads to some tension. This isn't the process sixers where nobody had any expectations of winning also worth noting that remember they won about. I think seven games more more than expected based on their point differential your ago so everyone in the organization now is thinking twenty nine when team were just going to build from there but really. You're starting from twenty to win baseline line. And if they'd just won twenty two games last year. They're probably would have been different expectations for this group but discussion of a lack of accountability..

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