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Yeah. They both had you know, the kind of games, especially Miami. That kinda get you your dropped out of the ball. We gotta go out. And I said it to him coming in. You gotta earn it back year out. And then you earn it back out when a couple of games and then get yourself moved back in beat someone. Good and get back in seriously. It's not the same as the way like you said like Washington loss. Washington lost the game close game close game to another top ten team, which you want to call. It wasn't a true road game. But I mean, they were playing in SCC country, right? Playing down in Atlanta. Tough spot for Washington. They almost got it done. I can't fault them for that loss. Yeah. I don't. I don't have a problem with that. I'll give you that deuce now deuce number four with team and the doll, Tony and Alabama. You're on CBS sports radio. Royal. Hey. How'd you like oh meal? Quarterback from Hawaii. I was surprised how well they law that they went to Lubbock can rolled like that. It was it was impressive. They they played a game in Houston, though. Right. But either way I was impressed with them winning that game. I did not think they would win that game. You know, claims various got this. You know, this high voltage offense allegedly were they put up a lot of points and everything and the exact opposite happened almost put him on them. I didn't see that coming. So I'll give you. They look good. I still am not buying old mess in the SEC. So I'm not buying it. Just 'cause they beat Texas tag. That just shows me if anything would that game show me was is that Texas Tech socks. So that's what that showed me because I don't I'm not fallen over for old mess. I just had a feeling on that one last week, and they beat them a lot more handily than I thought they would they killed on ole miss, and I think it's more like you say, I don't think Texas Tech is that good. That's just what it is. So believe it or not people are asking me about TCU and SMU they played Friday night and TCU is a twenty two point favorite twenty one and a half. Whatever it is. They're flat out better than SMU if they don't handle their business there, then they don't deserve to be ranked. But they are I didn't Patterson does a great job down there. I think the frogs are better than SMU hands down. They should handle their business and beat down by thirty. At least dog just won the third set. Let's do an update find out what's going on around two majors in that as Yankee game and everything else from John Fass..

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