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Woman abc's vitriol kendo from miami tonight it was a dream wedding joscelyn more feet a teacher at an elementary school in miami marrying her samesex partner last weekend on the sense of the florida keys but after this video and photos of the ceremony were posted on social media she quickly found herself out of a job fired from saints peter and paul catholic school where she taught for nearly seven years the firing leaving some parents outraged unbelievable unbelievable parents first learning of the decision through a letter sent from the school describing it as a difficult and necessary decision the archdiocese of miami saying she broke the contract she side which he began teaching at a catholic school according to the archdiocese contract old full use including schoolteachers mark considered church representatives and are expected to abide by catholic teachings any conduct inconsistent with that can draw disciplinary action up determination tonight abc news learning four other teachers from that school were disciplined with verbal warnings for attending the wedding run on these hedy mean at this spike pope francis once signatory people should not be discriminated against and that they should be respected in a statement morphine rights i married the love of my life and unfortunately i was terminated for my job as a result in their eyes i'm not the right kind of catholic for my choice of partner tom tonight as that fired teacher has hired an attorney the school behind me is now looking for her replacement tom joe kendo for us for miami victor thank you switching years now and heading overseas to south korea and the olympics tonight the us striking gold for the first time a 17yearold snowboarder leapfrogging from last to first place plus than american luger earnings silver first men's singles luge metal in history abc's met government is in pyonyang tonight.

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