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He's ably to hang with you this is the sack job show all right welcome back in zach yelp show cbs sports radio there was no way that paul george could have attended that russell westbrook party and not resign with the oklahoma city thunder it's a nice way to announce it because sometimes pliers will just be having their announcement done in a press conference sometimes it will just be through a source on twitter or sometimes they'll come up with a tv special that is called the decision or a article on the players tribune or a special video this is pretty cool i wonder how this one about when did paul george call russell westbrook and say all right let's have a party and we're going to drop the biggest announcement to start free agency and we're going to make the first announcement it's pretty neat now oh should ask you had that paul george is going to resign what the oklahoma city thunder four years one hundred and thirty seven dollars which is a hundred thirty seven million dollars which is a max contract and there's a player option and that is the player option i'm assuming the third year going into the fourth year is that a fourth year that a fifth year player option we have details on that bed haaretz by chance nothing specific but the way it was phrased it seemed like it was a thirty year going into the fourth year option yeah that's what i would have assumed as well as a player option on that one hundred thirty seven million dollars which is a max uh so without further ado let's hear of that announcement was made this is paul george making the announcement at the russell westbrook party why.

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