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Listening to this podcast. Please get an Baghdad subscribe button. He did not want to miss all the action. Coming your way right here on. I last fatherhood all right. I have an awesome guest returning to the podcast today. Matt Roloff is the Star of little people big World Matt and his family have doing. They're very popular reality. Tv show since two thousand six and they are dropping their twentieth season of the show beginning on March. Thirty First Matt is only four feet tall but his impact on the world and how it views. Little people has been enormous. Last Time Matt was here was back on episode one sixty five of the podcast and the download numbers just exploded because his fans are extremely engaged. It made for one of the most downloaded episodes of two thousand nineteen and one thing. We didn't get a chance to discuss in. Our last conversation was about Matt's multiple trips to the Middle East with the military. We're GonNa talk about that today. And Matt and his ex wife went through a very public divorce which has been covered extensively. We're GONNA hit on that and his relationship with his girlfriend Karen Chandler and matinee and I did record this interview before. The outbreak of the corona virus hit the mainland. That the United States will stick around until the end of today's interview as I had a chance to catch up with Matt over the weekend here. So you're going to get a chance to hear an update on how the corona virus has affected him and his family and just how they are weathering the storm. Matt Roloff will be here with me just a few minutes so please stick around for the interview and my interview with Matt Role of was recorded on video and it is available to watch on my youtube channel. So if you'd like to watch the conversation between myself and Matt Roloff please subscribe to First-class Fatherhood on Youtube. The Lincoln description of today's podcast episode. And make sure you lock it in for the rest of the week year Wednesday. The season seven winner of the voice on NBC. Craig Wayne Boyd will be joining me and Friday legendary boxing trainer. Teddy Atlas will be here on the podcast all right. So as the world's SORTA standstill I will continue to be you guys the best possible content so stay safe stay healthy and stay tuned and as always poussin spread the word about this podcast every father. India neighborhood or in your contact list let them know about the show celebrates fatherhood and family life fatherhood rocks family values rule and every day is father's Day right here with me and I'm going to be right back with little people big World Star Matt.

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