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The upper thirty s that's the latest macomer weather center violent road rage attack on the side of a major seatac highway deputies now looking for four suspects involved sustained injuries to a shoulder cuts and bruises on his head and back i mean he was he was beat up and so we don't know how far those four males would have gone say of good samaritans hadn't stopped to help a man being kicked pints and beaten up with a four by four piece of wood by four men the violent attack could have been worse what's not understandable what's not acceptable recklessness irresponsible behavior that happened afterwards you know getting out and beating up chipper say the beating was built up after a white outy sedentary crossed of gore point on five oh nine and cut off an suv troopers say the fifty four year old suv driver there is hands up in frustration that's when the audi driver braked checks twice forcing the suv driver to slam on his brakes both cars pulled over and troopers say the four men got out of the audi and attacked the suv driver we don't stand for you know we want to identify locate and arrest of for individuals that are involved and let them know and let our communities know that this is not okay we're here to protect you we're here to make sure that this doesn't happen again super say if you're ever in a road rage incident don't confront the other driver because you just don't know what kind of mindset they might be an instead just call police komo's tammy matassa komo news radio listen more no more so you're ready to sell.

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