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Few member him a quarterback weird together into Vikings we go play playoff game in Philly and the teams even warning us. Like you know if your family's comment you know I know they. They want us. They're proud of you. WanNa wear your stuff and and Don we are. Remember Dante's MOMS saying no I'm wearing. I'm support my son wearing all this stuff. And and I forget how many beer she had thrown on her like Diana escorts so many people out of her section. It got really ugly. I mean Philadelphia's last what. They had a jail in the prisoner stadium I guess. We'll you know that that franchise is the franchise. My grandfather started so in nineteen forty eight. We switched that there was some big thing after the war and financing. So the guy bought the steelers my grandfather and he was gonNA move him to. Boston and my grandfather was going to partner with Bert. Bell Rang Philadelphia and he decided he wanted to go to Philadelphia and my dad convinced her bell to come to Pittsburgh. We never missed a season but but there was actually a time. When there might not have been football in Pittsburgh we would have been involved in Philadelphia. So so the franchise that is the steelers actually is the original eagles. The Eagles are the original steelers. Not Too many people know that no. No that makes the rivalry. Go Way back then right after high school you graduate from Gilmore. What was your next step for for you so I I was. I was one of those kids. Another guy that that you inspired or that lifetime you and I had in those those ladies. You know I'll never forget. This game was the Friday after Thanksgiving what nineteen eighty five or six. I'M WATCHING BOSTON. College in this little quarterback throw this pass and so so I am going to be see love. Bc had a great time up in. Boston never never never picked up. A there couldn't get couldn't get near that team but it was a great place to be and Actually became became buddies for awhile with. I think a guy. You were teammates within Were you ever teammates with Romanowski? Yeah so yeah Romo and I were buddies for for a little bit. That he was. I think he was a year ahead of me and we just became friends because of different things but yeah I love drama. Romo was great. People really had issues with them but I never did. We always kinda sat by other on the planes. When I played we played together on the broncos. Bill had a big suitcase with them. Right now has all kinds of pills and creams. And now I remember why we're I can't remember who we were playing but I got. My elbow was just killing me. 'cause I got hit and I said Romo you got anything for me. And he gave me this This cream of an old oil oil of Olay Jar. Andy said look. This plant was picked under a full moon with no clouds in the sky. We made it into a cream. It's GonNa help your elbow and I'm like yeah okay. Hope I don't have to drug test next week you know. There's there's the drugs Abbott people. That aren't in locker rooms and look I was a ballboy etc. You're a player but don't realize there's always one or two those superstitious guys and they got the craziest stuff in the world going on there and it's always so funny like I remember being a boy with those cards where be picking up all the socks. Jocks and IOS. Sidney Thornton was the famous guy but we had two or three of those guys. Yo and we'll pass them at a certain time they get upset at you. If you put the thing on the right side rather left they were going to have a bad practice. I didn't even go near you. Those superstitious guys. Just I never had like for me. It was too much energy to do all that stuff. Like you know. Like I've guys like lay out their whole uniform on the ground in front of their locker before the game so they can see out. It's going to look when it's on their body and I'm like what like I'm worried about like okay. If I see a cover two defense you know. And then all of a sudden they rotate them. I gotta go this way on my read. You know I wasn't worried about what how my socks looked right right. Exac one superstar one last superstitious story going back to my grandfather's time in the box. Same so always he would always take a priest with them whenever he went anywhere and take two or three. Some cops were with them you know. They always went to box. There is at horse race. Horse match racing and boxing and so yellow boxer does the sign of the cross before he gets in the ring and one of his buddies. So I think was a cop said to the priests. Hey you think that will help. And the pre said only if he can fight now. He's got that was the best Superstation you better be. You were able to do the thing let alone just superstitious while you know when I was reading your book In some that you were telling some of those stories about boxing about your grandfather and and who used to go to the the the matches and I'm like well. I wonder if those same people would go to the matches today. You know you know. I wonder if it's filled with priests and Catholics and everybody you know. I'm thinking now on Vegas. I don't think they're all out in Vegas Watch. Boxing matches anymore. But you know it just tells you the world's changed well and I also think it was such a great immigrant story and so maybe the the immigrants of today who come from other countries have that experience boxing is. I think it's the ultimate tough guy experience and if you have nothing and you're willing to fight for it. I don't think there's a better way to do it. And that's what my grandfather's generation you know what we're doing is Irish and I think you know I so I wonder if that's that's how it is because that was that was their day and that was how they stepped into sports and politics. How the Irish now? The Italians. So many folks? That's how we got into sort of normal society or your finally got accepted right exactly and I think that You know it's amazing that you know when reading your book and and thinking about everything that your family has done and come through. There's been a lot of similar people that have come through Pittsburgh. My family's family ignorance. My Dad was one of fifteen right and you know and they did things just to survive make money and they were all in the military and do those types of things and and the vision that your day he. Your grandfather love sports and not just boxing but everything and then he said this is what I WANNA do. It probably was tough times for him. trying to find the money to buy team and then do all those things but he knew that someday that was going to be valuable for his family and what a family you guys have built so after college go to BC I think you graduated What was IT and Communications Political Science and Communication Right Right? So why did you pick those to pick political science because my grandfather always said you know you should get in politics? You're talking with people you know He. He always he always had good relationships with people in politics. And the other one I've ever seen in my life including my father who ended up doing okay in that world named ambassador but my grandfather was the only one I ever knew that had no political enemies. I mean everyone on every side of the aisle just like my grandfather. He could deal with them. He could get deals done for his business but stay out of their business and and just just was fantastic at doing that So so he's he thought that the communications I just. I don't know why did that. I guess it just I felt like there was. I think it was one of the things where I started. Five classes in and was like okay if I take three more. I'll get the double major right now. That's great so when you get out of of college were the plans. I mean your family so ingrained. In addition your dad is now running the steelers. And what will your plans? And he has some conversations with you about your next step in life. I I mean my father and I had had great conversations really it. I mean it's why I wrote the book and felt like I had point of view that was different IOS starting in college A you always talking on the phone every night and then when I got home we talk every night. I don't know that we ever said Hey. Here's a plan. Let's let's go forward with this. It was always talking about you. Know this is going on in Ireland Commissioner. Tagliabue's doing this. This young guy. Roger Goodell doing that a lot about coach. Noll and how coach Noll just head coach? Noel was my father's best partner and he said you know everyone's wrong in life. I'm not gonNA tell us. Not but he said that. That man has the most integrity. I've ever seen in my life so so just learning from these people Pete Rozelle just the greatest visionary of all time understood where the. Nfl was going. I actually went to Chile in South America for the first two years after college and worked with children with diabetes had diabetes now for forty five years and and my father was a big supporter of of doing something like that he said. Look you know it'll wants to get on a career path and that's a great thing. You are fortunate you know and and really I was sort of concerned whether it was the right thing to do or not and he said that would be a just a tremendous experience. I lived in Chile with children with diabetes in a Third World country. Which is really interesting. Because you know. Diabetes doesn't SORTA discriminate so we had kids that had nothing and would have to sharpen their needles on a rock and we had kids who had more money. You know 'cause there's money in the third world's a little different if you have at you have all May Day of power that you can't even think of here so just really interesting dynamics with with people and then helping them helping them deal with this. This disease in a way. That dumb was was humbling because we are a love. Many many people America that struggle in an I you know we try to do everything we can to to be support but the third world is you know. It's hard to imagine having a chronic illness. In a place like that it's really unimaginable. A certain way I mean people get medicines. There's there's twenty different types of insulin. These guys would get one bottle for three months and have to make it last where. I have ten bottles in my fridge now for the next four months. So just very humbling experience. And my father really encouraged supported me doing now. That that's wonderful We're joined by Jim Rooney Route writer of a different way. Great Book about his father. Dan Rooney that he wrote with his brother. Art I mean what a better conversation for me as a Pittsburgh to have him so excited about this You can listen to this podcast on radio.

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