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You Chris I I just Wayne I am old and I have to tell you that I hope you're going to be okay if we don't talk about sign stealing meeting for the I noticed that you've been certainly on Twitter you know at least chiming in on the subject so it's not like you wouldn't be prepared to go over it but we want to we want to concentrate on the book and on the amazing forty years have passed since the book wanted to put out the boys of winter it actually originally came out for the twenty fifth anniversary in two thousand five and low willow we here we are fifteen years later with the new fortieth anniversary edition with a new afterword by the great can Morrow yeah and he had a pretty good nineteen eighty one and he went right to the islanders and won the first of four Stanley cups don't get much better now now it's pretty good and actually what can't can told me recently and when we were working on the afterward that he has gotten in this isn't as great a player as he was of stalwart defenseman he he was not remotely one of the big names on the team he was sort of a quiet hero and ends can Morrow said that he has gotten probably in excess of ten thousand cards letters photos people telling him where they were and what they did in in that moment and it's just it's really astonishing that this thing it never ever gets old and it is you know you talk about he was one of the big stars it wasn't like you know two weeks earlier when they were playing here the garden and getting a wallop that that people thought anyone was really a big star not on that team we came to know who was there the mark Johnson's of the world after you know the Jim Craig after the success of god in there it's not like we were all sitting around waiting for the game to happen and as someone reminded me you know tape delay was a big part of it yeah I mean February ninth and so to the miracle on ice the fortieth anniversary is now is a week from today February twenty second February ninth nineteen eighty the US play the Soviets in the garden and the final was ten to three and the Americans did not win and then the Soviets pretty much put the brakes on and it's and the year before that the the same Soviet team which is widely regarded as the greatest hockey team in the history of the sport play the NHL all stars with their backup goalie with the Soviets backup goalie and they beat the NHL all star six to nothing so I mean it's it's it's just it's mind blowing that has Victor I went to Moscow to talk to Victor taken off the Soviet coach and he and I said so what about that ten to three game and he said that the players told me that would be no problem it turned out to be a very big problem yeah because they you know they violated cardinal rule number one never underestimate an opponent yeah that was six nothing after two of the garden and you know there was that way and it's interesting for me because I was just getting into the NHL at that time and getting into my hockey career I should say but the NHL players came over including FOR D. softened gas a dollar off when I was with the doubles so you know I met those guys when they came over here to play then and we already had Jack o'callahan we had brought in we had Iron brought Neil's brother we had mark Johnson so you know that these guys were like wild to me when I was a you know young broadcaster lucky enough to get an NHL job and seeing these guys play so I was familiar with them Callahan was a real character in a real funny guy and one of water run they had and what heroes they became and you already you know basically told us why this is a team that won six nothing over NHL all stars ten three over the same team you know ten days earlier crazy that that the the U. S. was able to win the game crazy yep man and it was just I mean herb Brooks genius was really all over this this miracle Chris it was he he set up he knew exactly what he was doing in scheduling in that game not only against two we did but when he did and he knew he really wanted the he he was very happy with that result in he he even in an unguarded moment later told someone that it was a ploy and and and the point was he knew that there was a great chances flavor his team would get their their **** kicked and they did and he also knew that the it just human nature I mean the Russians would think that Jesus is going to be easy and and lo and behold be holy just planted that that seat.

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