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Els of the plane crashed into a soybean field in rural leflore county mississippi oxes jonathan siri witnesses say they aren't a boom in the sky and saw the kc one thirty planes spiraling down on the ground we're hearing from the russian lawyer and that with donald trump jr in june of last year's oppose because she had dirt on hillary clinton she says she got a call telling her to meet with trump campaign interview with nbc news the russian lawyer vest on meet skyer was asked if she had worked for high connections to the russian government and she claimed to have none adding it's possible the trump team was looking for damaging information fox's catherine herridge says it's not just democrats on congressional intel committees that want answers republican senator susan collins who also sits on the intelligence committee wants to donald trump junior to submit to an interview as well as others who were that 2016 trump tower needle donald trump jr tweeted in this morning it's a nonsense meeting saying the media and democrats are desperate vice president pence will have lunch with senate republicans were still trying to figure out a plan to replace obamacare they can all agree on fox's jared art halpern live at the capital republican leaders say a vote under revised healthcare bill could happen next week iowa republican chuck grassley says he's pessimistic but i think we also have the reality that we have a responsibility to american people differences with you within republican ranks remain over slowing down medicaid expansion and lowering insurance require armitt threshold without any votes from democrats expected on a repeal and replace measure republicans can afford to no votes on their own side dave dirt on wall street stocks are rising modestly this morning the dow's up twenty eight the nasdaq's up by sixteen fox news.

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