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That's why it's true in fact that's where you can tell people are dehydrate they dehydrate and eat a bunch of sugar and it makes your veins pop world i'll have to remember that a lot of our old call for that i am not at the moment maybe i like to say that um oh daniel qaluwa yes the actor in get out a it was impressive tears i mean these great in the movie but boy those tears fully lo i mean just rivers of tears and also he's not crying looking he doesn't have the cry face is just the tear right right right coming while i think that a lot of people use the tears sick because they don't want to get the ugly cry face that goes along with the red blood cells a rabid eyes yeah but it's great when you see someone who really looks like they're messy crowing movie or to one of my favorites is in on a lot of people in mike leigh movies messy cry anderson one has not only these yup grownups i think where woman is hanging onto a bannister and sobbing and crying innocent of bullhook hotel meld ever was like that's what my porn was offend a college i was like real emotion did you see deer of enhances not bob not yet julia occupan is pretty extraordinary and he i don't know how he does this every night i mean really he just cry like this he has a second act cutter breakdown in in it and things are coming out of all parts of his face i just saw sunday in the park with george weah in new york last weekend and not that which has been a crybabies q several jobs and at the end jake gyllenhaal did like a single tier thing where he was it'd be it's jake jillette i'll still you know but he is crying at.

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