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He's the worst. He's a billionaire. Do with his money go out and beat up criminals like he couldn't use that money to save him poor. You beat number. Do who wrote the lead after to the cops got him. Beat out not is around. Because batman movies. He was utility belt and nothing well. Here's the samurai. I'd give him that. He is similar but he only did that. Somebody should because a billionaire. He had the time maybe regular me. You don't have the time to go to go to japan or china to become a semra. Okay what else would they were breaking down. I was like. I never thought about that. Smell i would say. I would say ninety more regardless of ledesma said like oh if i had to sit and watch the batman returns or batman. I i'll sit and watch. I'll sit and watch that like any day even talking about the actual character character. Movies are good but batman is a terrible to me. Well i think they go hand in hand like i mean they are got the of any collections items. I have the batman collection. United mean like the collection like the whole truth. Were batman. the keaton. Okay is that original. That's the first one doesn't original movie. The only was the show. The first movie was with my so you rather not. My kristen bell does the best movies. I'm just telling you what i like ravioli batman. Etiam your favorite guy. the movies. Kristen bell's because he was better than Val kilmer humble nigga had never been that was tariff george clooney. That was Michael keaton like devon's a young a young guy. You know what i mean and it probably is different when you're younger. And then of course served. By the time christian bells batman came up against him. I said he's in some some type of movies. Something shows. I'm my won't be batman again. I don't know if it's gonna be old as that may keep doing keeping that boy. Like i mean as far as an actor like he'd been that bull from back then at fifty six years old as we are now so he probably years is up there so he up there with them. Almost mr mom came on early nineties. Yeah he will be able to hold that batman costume tiny as queens. A boomerangs right. Though he'll be at the computer he'd be computer batman. Yeah here's He would turn the batman the flash movies so that's where he'll be nice he'll be like anything other than fast is he likes enough. I i don't. I don't know the flashes much superpower you to today. Answer your question you can't you can't get them a hundred times before he hits you once he still go down Just right for hebron. If i move for a i gotcha i'm good. I put a whole the whole superpower is just. i'm faster than we superpowers. Y'all pick i. If i had a superpower i want to teleport tail fly teleport. It would be like the probably the me you'll see. I don't i like to be somewhere else. I like to see. This is nice. I like the five for no traffic..

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