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The senate failed to pass the funding bill the body is still in russian overnight republicans keeping their promise to inflict pain on democrats for voting 'no holding a series of procedural votes overnight they know walled pass in order to keep democrats on the record and use those votes against them in the midterm elections andy field abc news washington asa choose that senator ed markey says since republicans are in control of the house senate white house if the government shuts down the only person to blame will be the president so my hope is that president trump will in fact finally understand that he has to compromise with democrats he has to include protections for dreamers money put children's health money for opioids we're not looking for anything that the american people do not want to have resolved as well it's time for the president of the united states to be the leader of the republican party congressman kennedy released a statement saying constituents deserve better than a government that is constantly on the brink and the failure lies at the feet of the republicans in hampshire senators jeanne shaheen in maggie hassen issued a joint statement saying they remain encouraged by the conversations we have had with bipartisan groups of senators over the past hours and believe a workable agreement is within reach activists to planning women's marches this weekend in cities across the nation in los angeles hundreds of thousands expected to attend as dina cats cochair of the women's march los angeles says people have a variety of reasons for attending what kind of all in this together we all have different things that are really important to us but at the end of the day it's about the power and so we're bringing all these different groups locally several thousand people are expected to turn out for the cambridge women's march it scheduled for one to three o'clock this afternoon at the cambridge common at the intersection of mass avenue and gardner streets today marks one year since donald trump took the oath of office coming up at about five minutes we'll take a look at what has transpired in the last three hundred sixty five days wbz news time 633 the subaru retailers.

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