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Forgot about all of the sea scape hark. Are you skate park old. Mireille thoughts are basically voting is a scam What really matters is your your productivity during the day. You know what you do. Yeah whoa okay. So will you be voting. No i will not be voting. Leave it to you via sally. How do you explain andrew yang slippage. He got some really good tv coverage because he's media savvy but there were some very tough stories about him and they were sustained over a long period of time about his record about the fact that he didn't vote about the fact that he went to new paltz. Stirring the you know upstate new york to his second home during the pandemic and those stories just people kept hammering away at him so i think that's part of it and i think part of it is that eric adams started to spend money on his own advertising and he's run for office many times before so p his base you know he's abrasive who've been voting for a long time and once people started tuning in and seeing his adds his numbers went up. And that was i think always going to happen. And then young had a couple of incidents and i think they were like all kinds of clustered close together where he just really screwed up some answers and it showed a lack of knowledge about certain subjects like police. Transparency records domestic violence homeless shelters the mta budget. You know things that it fed into a narrative. I mean look all kinds of candidates make mistakes but there were a bunch. They were in a row and they kind of perpetuated narrative that he doesn't know enough about the civic seen in new york about new york politics. He didn't do his time right. Would you be willing to make a prediction about who you think will win. A i hate making predictions all signs point to eric adams but yeah you just never know so. I'm going to take the easy way out. And but how do you explain the fact that wiley. She sort of seen a bump. Do you think that's an aoc bomb or that was just coming. Because it scott stringer well. I think they're kind of one in the same. I don't know that. Afc would have endorsed. Her scott stringer hadn't fallen apart. So i think it's all part of the same. You know the same phenomenon. But i do think teneo see bump. She hasn't changed anything she saying or doing like nothing else about her campaign has changed other than the fact that endorsers have either left scott to go to her or in the case of afc and germany williams. Who's popular in new york. Have you know we're waiting. And then they endorsed. Was it a little too late. In your opinion. I don't know i mean we'll see it's it felt too late but i also think that people really weren't tuning into this race for a while and you know she's in the last two polls she's climbing and so you know maybe she can pull it off. I think eric adams is going to be tough to beat. But what about kathryn garcia. Could you see her being wildcard just winning by being the second choice ranked candidate the me. I mean rank. I think ranked choice will help a candidate like kathryn garcia. Who has never run before and doesn't have like a natural base but does seem to be getting a lot of traction among people who want you know as you said before someone who can manage the city. Well that's sort of her whole platform. I think if i were were fives and catherine the problem seems to be that. There are a lot of african american voters in new york city. And i don't know that you know. There's three two front runner candidates who are black and then rain mcguire. Who's in the back of the pack. But as a ton of money to spend and so not to say that she has no shot in these high voter turnout. Black communities. In brooklyn and queens. But i don't know that she's really done a lot of campaigning there. And that's that's a big deficit. She does seem to be pulling really well in manhattan. And in scott stringer's base in manhattan. So it's possible. I mean she's doing well and getting the new york times. Endorsement and the daily news endorsement were very helpful to her. So the winner of this race. How do you think they're going to impact dc politics. I guess it kind of depends on whether they run for something and how well they use the bully pulpit by new york you know if they become you can really be can really be a national voice as new york mayor bloomberg was you're part of the. Us conference of mayors. You can be friendly with chuck schumer. Whose from new york. Of course you can partner with a. o. C. and other members of the delegation hakim jeffries prominent members of the delegation. From new york. Or you can really just kind of be a local municipal leader who happens to be in new york city and i guess it depends on what that person wants. You could imagine someone like andrew young who ran for president who's like clearly very interested in national politics making this job something of national interest either by proposing things that are really out of the box or just like constantly kind of forging relationships in dc whereas someone like kathryn garcia. I would imagine would be more of like a real local very locally focused.

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