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The Pentagon identity politics and what is coming out of the White House does not seem to be in the long term interests of the United States. And I would would say if I were advising this white house with their best interests at heart, and I most assuredly or not, but I would I would have to say, Mr President, You've got to pick a course. Sir. You can't just go both ways. I mean, seriously. I mean, this is self defeating. Yeah. I mean, we want what's in the best interests of the country, right? So if the Biden administration was making smart choices that the privileged the United States it was proud of our country and our history. The things that America has stood for for well over 200 years that have people coming to us in droves. You don't see Americans going to Yemen, right? Or Nigeria or, you know, we need three locker anyplace like that. People want to come here for a reason. And it seems that we're destroying that internally and and divide the administration and Vice President Kamala Harris are the leading proponents of these sorts of things, and they just don't understand it, so I would much rather Would be a strong administration, furthering the interests the United States than the other way around. But we have what we have now, and I think the American voters need to pay attention to that. Absolutely. In terms of how we're dealing with the rest of the world. We have, of course, uh, countries which are shall we say, antagonistic to the best interests of the United States and a variety of locales, and certainly they don't stop with the Iran we mentioned in passing the Iranian Dealings with North Korea. And, of course, uh, China and Russia remain in the forefront there as well. Not to mention the various groups like Isis, which have not disappeared, but merely have had their their territorial Pretentions wiped away. There are a lot of people out there. How are we doing with those who would wish us harm? Well, not not Well, If you recall this past week, we had the G seven, uh in England. There was the NATO meeting, then the fall into that Europe that rolled right into the Biden Putin summit. Can you recall any significant reporting that came out of that? You know these very high level delegation, So the Biden team showed upset America's back, and we're in a leading role again after that, Trump Fiasco. I mean, this was abiding teams push and everybody just kind of yawned right that that you know that America isn't back and and by this terms, they just don't give him any credibility. If you recall the meeting in Alaska that took place between our secretary of state and the Chinese You know, diplomats and our folks stayed on their side table and we're a lecture Dad for well over an hour. I mean, why would we tolerate that? They're supposed to getting up and walking out, so it seems that we have this very soft approach. To the chief competitors. We have around the world, whether it's North Korea, China, Russia or Iran, and we don't have the respect of our allies with whom we must have strong relationships. You know if Most of the departments in the United States saw an average increase of 16% in the $6 Trillion proposed budget. For next year, The Department of Defense had a 1.6% increase to half a percentage point less than inflation. So you have a U. S military that are shrinking. It is rapidly aging, not replacing old equipment, not expanding commensurate with the responsibilities and interest we have around the world. So it seems that all of the decisions being made by the administration Are harmful to the current and long term interests of our country and its emboldening and incentivizing or competitors. I'm afraid that America is back America, The Patsy America, the the Nation that Will not show leadership among our friends and opposition to our enemies. Anyway, our time has elapsed and to stay on the line will speak briefly off air. That's retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Dakota would he's a senior research fellow for defense programs at the Heritage Foundation. If we take a look At U. S airstrikes and the retaliation against the U. S troops in the Middle East in Syria. 18665 Oh, Jimbo 1866554626. We'll be back with more.

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