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Is it more disturbing to see a dude in panties dude in a brawl honest question new port Richey a man wearing nothing but a woman's brawl was caught on camera over the weekend burglarizing several cars in new port Richey parking lot nasco sheriff's office said the naked man no he's not a naked man he's a man wearing a brawl with his dangling hanging out he was seen entered the fence entering the fenced parking lot at U. S. water services corporation on Sunday John crossed by you Boulevard in new port Richey he then proceeded to commit several auto burglaries to company vehicles then left the area you can just see that he's wearing a bra and nothing else that's a weird look that's not his everyday look though that's just the committing crimes look everybody's got yo dexter had to certain shirt that he would put on when he would go kill somebody I'm sure maybe this guy this is you know carjacking outfit so you think it's more disturbing to see a dude wearing panties yeah then it is wearing a brawl absolutely woke up the price thing is it's funny Hey I don't really have boobs I might have the start of something but I put the sign and prance around panties it's the back part is really what's going to the it's all disturbing you got to see the boys in the in the penny and then whatever's going on the back boy short thong I mean it's disturbing but preferences preference like that's the thing is to me seeing a man where something that he doesn't need at all like he doesn't need that apparatus at all all right so that's confusing and disturbing if you like to feel the silky smooth feeling of some boy shorts rubbing against your under carriage that who am I to judge or find that disturbing right well we've talked about in the military for who said they wear and so you know that in shape and all that and I get it I'm just saying if I'm being presented with a man that wearing a bra and a man that's wearing panties I'm gonna run away quicker from the guy with panties if if I had to run away from one again just like these two gentlemen I I celebrate everyone of their right to wear whatever they like can be whomever they are I would run quicker from a dude with a broad that I would die dude wearing panties that would just be my personal really for some reason but guys don't wear dies will wear women's underwear for whatever reason it it's comfortable or but that you can't make that face we talk to guys that were in the we're in the holes well sure those guys who are in fox holes yeah that's fine yeah the guys to wear panties and voxels know what strapped on a broad to go to war there's no reason to either your right I'm just saying for functionality you we gotta have underwear we're all in this together I mean who but you know whatever you wear who am I to be you know grossed out or weird it out by your choice of underwear male or female if you're wearing something like a bra you don't even need I'm questioning what's going on with you I think you're not of sound mental you know right a penny is you're not even you're not questioning what I just assume that but I mean you're out a boxer yeah like you could be out of boxers and put on a pair of panties but if you put on a bra you're just putting that on because you like to have your cooking it's covered that's weird this guide is even need a brawl he doesn't he's a slim fellow wearing nothing from the waist down where was this was a port Richey who are aging course it was right who is backside with his hands yeah looks like he's he's creep in that's a creep walk your source sports bra sexual force brought to now that really get enough good fats look for added it's not too bad it looks kind of full well he stopped because that's a skinny man it that's not full I mean I'm just doesn't look not full let's look at the so ladies your opinion please more disturbing Fred due to wear brawl due to wear panties seven two seven five seven nine one a two five and eight hundred seven seven one one of two file we got a tweet from Sean don't professional wrestlers basically wear panties no they were the required in for exactly that uses yeah those are those are called wrestling tights yeah single it's a few well something disturbing about that thanks true you're welcome are you guys dressing up as wrestlers on Monday we've been talking a lot about what about we're going to do it's a big it's a big day here in Tampa well I I surprise John by telling him that I would like to dress up for on Monday night are you going yes I'm gonna that's awesome I'm going with my god so I'm I'm guessing solve a lot of fanfare because nobody will know who she is there sure so I told John I go let's go and let's if I would be hanging out Mike and causing a scene the let's cause a scene to let's stresses wrestlers together it he's got the standard macho man costume is fantastic by the way I don't have anything so I have to try to find something on Amazon puts up together so John and I could be those guys that dress up and go to the event so very excited with us looking to take his leave do you think Mike has any of our old dad's stuff because yeah that's old stuff because you could do a good micro tanda well I don't it's tough to hate does your dad have some old trunks I can bar that's a tough question asked I would assume that he does but I don't know would you wear trunks what I wear like the bright light yeah like yeah yeah you would yeah I would if it if it if it made sense we got to get that we ought to get those gas see that see south of those little grape smugglers be real not gonna you know there's also kids there out why I have to put on pants from time to time right from time to time just let a brief maybe a rope but we're going to get so you know we're gonna get a coke or something like that it's out there for the people so later I don't go seven two seven five seven nine one oh two five eight hundred seven seven one one oh two five so you could go as like old school Michael Sunday you're gonna go the macho man you guys are gonna get arrive think that's pretty awesome in less something out in the US I get struck with some other great idea between now and then I'll probably keep it keep it to the my traditional macho man but yeah I mean I can go to the warrior I can go undertaker I could go razor Ramon I can go stone call it to who knows John is nothing for me so you should really be true like really salad and shave your head ball down Beckett and and goes Austin and all you need is a black tee shirt and and some G. denim shorts well I'm not really looking to sell often right now I think I can maybe find some it's got a you know a little bit higher up here John but I just think that be a good call look for you and it's time to time to take that step let me put a ball cap on don't they have a ball cap well you know it it might grow back yeah hello who you hi this is Kelly Hey Kelly are you think it's more disturbing to see a dude and panties or a dude in a brawl I gotta be honest with him.

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