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Jay jay's here johnny jet i love our travel guru johnny jet you back in manhattan beach where the weather is fine whether it's fine with a little bit under the weather from you know i guess traveling too much travel hey armed thank you you you an natalie were so sweet uh you offered us your spare rome if we had to evacuate here in northern california that was very kind of you encourage and i don't think you should come under untempted at the air radio show down there from kfi be easy yet do it from my studio right here yeah you're beauge feeling of that too johnny joins us every week to help us travel better with technology and i think it's a time for all of us to get out of dodge yes boy a couple of quick things dealt updated their app this week and they're gonna be the first us airline to allow people to actually they're going to just check people in automatically you won't have to go into the app or online and check in for your flight so long as you bought the flight a new uh to do is go into the app and acknowledged that you know the f a restrictions on the ban items it will automatically check un now that means of course you're going to have your boarding pass on your phone correct how does that have you do do that or do you but i always print a boarding pass i don't trust is yes and i'll you know that guy the fbi when it first came out i used my boarding pass on my phone but there were a couple of times where i exact outlay it didn't work and now as the it on the air he's got allies side and you're going round no i had it here it was here the word i also have an apple watch so you could put it on your apple watch embarrassing it well and sometimes it doesn't fit because they never expected a hand to go under there and it's just frizz slip of paper so the whole thing is is a mess so i i'm luddite there i still print out boarding passes but who a against an ipad thank you both i keep a backup that's a.

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