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So but you know he works for. Cdc and it's not exactly typical government organization it's an organization that Bill Gates owns benefits from this tremendously. So that's not likely to happen but I think the type of firing Probably MAY BE ON YOUR MIND. And that is he should be fired. But if you don't do it in the literal sense the people have to fire them and they have to fire him by saying he's a fraud he he doesn't give us any good information. They didn't save us from ourselves and his his plan to give total control of everybody in getting the plan that they have is when things are getting back to normal people can return to their work and they do things and go to the golf course as you get if you get a stamp of approval your liberties if you get the proper stand from the government and say you're free of spreading any disease but as this one goes away they'll come up with another one. It's as an excuse to have total control over the people but I think the most important thing is people have to quit listening to him. If they're going to listen to listen to him critically know what is he saying what other people say. And I'm delighted that we have many viewers tuning in to find out what we're saying but there's other people to find the other people are saying earn encourage other people. I mean if you call on the talk shows and things let people know a lot of people. Wait and back and find out. They are saying something. I'm not the only one that this is a fraud and our side can grow exponentially because we're on the side. I think on truth on this but I think that the one thing is we approach with the protection of personal liberty versus everything. They talk about his amplifying and depending on the authoritarianism of a bunch of people in government that will do it with a force of a gun. I mean people have been forced with guns. If they're doing something wrong on the police show up. You quit doing this When they start and they may have already. You'll start knocking on the doors and the churches. You know this sort of thing. That's why the churches there's been several have stood up to it and give them a little courage in maybe next month. Say you know what we went to church. We had two thousand people there and nobody got the virus. And that's what they're gonNA find. They'll find out the people probably got some cold. Maybe somebody got to flew in. Maybe somebody did get the corona virus. But it's not like his not like you know everybody's at hospital a matter of fact the wait is going now. People are afraid to go to the hospital because they're afraid somebody's GonNa label them and the hospital have more beds available. We've been with these these military hospitals out there and they're not being used you talk about You talk about government making mistakes. It's it's endless and this this is a. This is a serious problem but the problem is overreaction and not getting the truth and our governments. Deceiving US I think there's a lot of analogies to how they get us into war. And how they perpetuate the war and you're unpatriotic and people people already now are squealing on their neighbors. He he didn't have his mask on. You know because they're told you're being a good person you're being an American. You're being concerned about your neighbors. Who why don't you be concerned about your liberty your family's liberties your neighbors liberty and believe me you're not gonNa make more people sick. I just don't believe that for a minute Because when you need when you need distribution of healthcare or any kind of service the government is lousy at it and that's why we should never depend on the government for the distribution of healthcare services or anything at all and that's why the dependency on government is the culprit. And maybe maybe we can get a lesson learned from this and find out that that We should question exactly all the information. We're getting and there's a few now. Even on the rare stations will pop in a half decent report on these a maybe. She hasn't set Iraq but the one thing is. They will really do it if they say. Oh that's trump. We can blame it on. Turn yourself if it's trump's Paul. Then they're going to join in which is a far and but he he could have he could rain in out you a little bit. I think that would be beneficial game off the screen and we know that we believe that trump watches Tucker Carlson. Who's been pretty good on this? I have to say in the mainstream media. So hopefully he'll take that on board but speaking of Faucher like you said people should look up his real record. You know if you remember back when the AIDS crisis hit he was massively massively wrong. He massively exaggerated the threat of AIDS in the heterosexual community massively. He caused remember the AIDS. Scare a huge scare now. Of course it's a serious thing in obviously something to take seriously. But that's what he did before and what they WANNA do now. Look up twenty twenty. This is his theology and Bill Gates working on this. They WANNA HAVE A. This is not tin foil stuff. They Wanna they have a website. They WANNA have biometric implicit. You said you've had if you've had the approval approval to track you so you mentioned facemask actually put on the next one because it talked about mixed messages Dr Paul. Everyone's got these face masks on. Go to put on your face masks or you hate everyone. The World Health Organization says there's no need for healthy people to wear face masks days after the CDC all Americans to cover their faces so nobody knows what they're doing here. Only trying to do is selling fear. I think we have a leader in the White House right now so we should take his lead on this. He doesn't like the stuffiness of having a mask. Yeah I just think that we were having a breakthrough here. They're they're being. Discredited is sort of like in in the war in Syria. Soon as there was a breakthrough they thought. Oh well we'd better watch out you know we're losing but knows Assad was winning and that's why they had to respond to it so as soon as as soon as it looks like one size winning. They have to go after so right now. I think we're getting some some knowledge out. We're getting more to the bottom the truth this. But there's still a lot of people who are glued to the television and They've been scared. Getting on scared is not easy. But that'll that'll be a job that we're gonNA stick with it. I have another one Dr Paul. You're GONNA appreciate this. I thought of you when I when I put these two together so the next slide if we can this is something that is not gonna come as a surprise. No skip a couple actually Right here yes no go back please. Irish studies find vitamin D can build coveted nineteen resistance. Of course you've been saying this all along. Vitamin D is good. It kills viruses. So what happens a couple of days ago in Texas where we live? Go TO THE NEXT ONE. Please go to rabbit it orders. The state parks closed. So this is looking at these people over here in the picture. They're building their vitamin D. They're building their immunity to this virus. And Abbas says don't do that. Just stay home in your dark houses. You know so. It shows the absurdity but a lot of people complain about our program. You always talk about what's wrong. You never tell us what we can do to fix it. Well here's one thing. I think we can do as an action point especially Texans. They should call governors Abbott's office. He should be flooded with calls saying let Texans get back to work at the local level. He talked about shutting the Gulf course. People should call our city manager. What are you doing? Why are you closing these parks? This is what we need to get healthy so there is a lot of action can flood these officials. Now they're starting to be a little bit frightened. Now hold on a minute and this is our time to act. Well the best way to approach this now is covering Abbot. You're ruining the image of Texas. Texans are supposed to be strong and independent and willing to take care of themselves willing to get a Suntan especially. When it's you're doing the wrong thing at the wrong time matter of fact you were a little late anyway everybody else. We're on the way we're getting over this thing but they I don't know sort of the herd mentality and it doesn't happen at one time and every state is a little bit different but but it tell you what it shouldn't be different people usually to ask me. How can you represent farmers and also city folks will because liberty is beneficial to everyone equally? And that's why if liberty and local choices are beneficial to everyone. It doesn't it doesn't really matter whether you live in a small state or it may need You know More liberty in a city like New York instead of needing to have roadblocks. Yeah I think maybe people would go. Maybe go see a cousin. You know outside of New York City so they put you're not coming in. Our state is just so distorted but there are a lot of common sense things that people would do and of course. The statistics aren't nearly as big as they claim. And that's the big problem because it's reversing this atmosphere of fear. That is a big job to that we have and we find out from the New York's number two eighty six percent of the people that died there had other co morbidity. So that's see. I'll disclose with a couple of things Dr Paul and talk about some good news. I want to end on a high note. We need it. But let's have that next clip. I was looking over our analytics today. Dr Paul in over the past week. We've had a five hundred and ninety five percent increase in our subscribers to this Ron Paul Liberty Report on Youtube so that makes us feel good because we work hard to put these together and we want people to. Please do. Subscribe to this channel and get a lot of good news. The next clip is also good news. We're having not so good news today and this is something. I was surprised. It's winning when I was working. I was looking at the drudge report. And look at that up at the top Ron Paul Resistance building to house arrest orders. It's about time he doesn't often link to our stuff and Grateful that he did and this is the message is getting out like mad. And that's why we're working so hard and I would just remind people if we can have the last clip up that We don't ask a lot but it does does take a little bit to put this show on. If you can click over to Ron Paul Institute Dot Org you can click that support button and help us continue this show..

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