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Commander and steelers quarterback attended bolus he died April 9th after being hit by a truck on a South Florida highway he was 24 years old Stay with WTO for more on the stories in just minutes It's one 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center Thank you so very much the northbound side of I 95 has the accident seen after the centerport Parkway before courthouse road delays back towards the centerport Parkway reports that only a single lane is getting past that Once you get past that crash you're up to speed up towards Springfield Westbound side of 66 as of now the work grew still blocks the right side of the roadway there headed past route 50 slight volume delay there but nothing too serious eastbound side of 66 the workers near two 34 Prince William Parkway They're along the left side of the roadway Northbound three 95 after the little river turnpike right lane is blocked right now not causing any delays though That's the good news It only looks like that single right lane is blocked to say the left You get past it pretty easily In the express lanes that you got the left lane blocked there as you had passed the little return pike Sound found side of three 95 after the 14th street bridge as you make way past The Pentagon you will see the work crew is along the right state of the far left and of course don't worry It looks like all of those ramps are available to you I know it looks a little bit crowded out there with all the cones not to worry You should be able to exit without any trouble Three 95 or rather the southeast Southwest freeway is looking good no issues from the 14th street bridge over towards the 11th street bridge D.C. two 95 looks good in either direction and there may still be some work there near Pennsylvania avenue but no delays because of it Outer loop of the beltway you may still have somewhat work zones or rather The remainder of the work zone there along the right side of the roadway after branch avenue That's what's causing those slight volume delights Once you get past Pennsylvania avenue though completely up to speed Three O one did reopen no longer seen the closure there near branch avenue near the route 5 split there If you're headed along route 15 watch out for this if you're headed to and from point of rocks they do have that work zone once again out there a single lane is blocked which means they are alternating traffic in either direction in one single lane as well It looks like 97 is also dealing with a work zone as you make your way to and from I 70 Do you proceed with caution through that area One 8 6 6 three O four WTO is the traffic tip line of Carlos Ramirez the WTO traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore Hartley sunny skies for our Sunday with high temperatures today in the mid to upper 70s Remaining.

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