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His play just about how you physically in the classroom Montel the only thing missing right now is Kiara mia everything I touch turns to gold well so anyway I mean you want to share thanks to Donald yeah in this case the it's just that you know anyway I was just listening to Matt Miller there bleacher report and I was getting out what what again thank you for god sakes I understand that it's like I understand the deal on almost everything I I'm of the opinion right now where I am I'm not sure I'm not the zealot about any of the positions like I can almost see them like if they drafted a corner in some people I don't know maybe it's a reach if that whoever they drafted but I was like I get it they need a corner and if they drafted a detachable you know I'd be like okay that's how they got to the Superbowl man fortify that D. line you can never have enough good god and if they drafted a receiver I'd be super excited because he doesn't like a sexy receiver ma'am you know yeah I mean it rebodied but they've also had a that terrible time picking receivers other than maybe depot they you know they they history going all the way back to Terry Donahue and all that they just had a tough time and so I'm I'm sort of of the mind that that they're going to get a really really really good player that's going to really really really help them in the top fifteen and I trust in Kyle and John I mean now you know we talked about Colin John's track record and you know you mentioned Solomon Thomas or somebody makes a solid Thomas there was no Bueno yeah in Reuben foster we love the time without is a genius pick yeah you know we have to be such a do you never know what guys are gonna be like once they get their money to get out of college the kind of friends they make whatever injury history you know they have it but I don't apologize you did talking that Matt Miller bleacher forget you going a little bit I mean I I do I like I said man if you know the last segment I do like the sound of a of a brew of super young wide receiver corps both guys being super talented if it works out that way see that's the problem yeah anybody can say that all you bring in see the lamb is running a slant to schedule we don't know that right like we don't know you never know who's going to be a good pro who's not gonna be good pro but I do like the idea dude yes if you could guarantee me a super stud playmaker rookie wide receiver to complement Debo and you got the kill factor going on and you mix and some kids are born yeah I'm on board but there's no guarantees right Foro eight Texans if you don't use a top fifteen pick on a wide receiver especially this year with no pro days they're divas definitely built on the lines are games are one C. well that's true but but most people think if you look at most of these mock drafts that you got to go in the top fifteen that that jury duty for sure is going to go and and maybe every rugs to our city live I don't know so a lot of people think that Judy is the guy you should get the top fifty effect Marcus's raiders have been rumored to be interested in they could stagger before the night is good too seven of seven says as as regards the phrase slat rape slant routes to the house yes please yeah more of this deal does not be stayed on a few of those types of plays last year yep yep very good bang bang nine again I know very well is make someone India thank you copes C. O. and also then there's the whole intriguing possibility of trading back the Niners could trade back yeah and then ruled like have like you talk to me about trading back well they don't have a second third or fourth round pick you know yeah so I mean and you know and it is good to have they've done very well replenishing this roster through the draft and so one theory is if you can turn thirty one the thirty first pick into like a couple of third rounders yeah that's that's the smart move in the St John and calling to go that way I mean is that something that you know you can see them doing sure yeah absolutely yeah I'm excited man escaped see these guys and I I think if I had if you put a gun to my head which I hope you don't that would be I'd rather you don't yet if you don't we have pleasant but it did I think I was told that that wasn't to say the least yeah I think I would take the sixty wide receiver I think I would I was gonna be who's playing defense back there on the corner yeah well I'm just asking you might have to fight with those guys at thirty one or in the second or third round he got a this is where we got it just where you get a trust your scouts senior valuer gas co city wanted to thirteen by city Lambert Marcus and I were just talking that yeah it's it's funny it feels like for the last like seven or eight years like the Niners and raiders of packed next to each other or within like two picture each other a bunch of different times right wing when I was struggling she had when that coin toss in the the raiders to Kolton Miller I think is the office of one and they took you back to to win the Niners got Michael Crabtree remember the raiders to Darius Heyward bey right and I respect Crabtree so we always got to keep an eye on what they're doing for you go I DO they're saying to deeper Seaver drafted and that's what Miller was just saying I like the I like the idea see where I'm at he said he's a better fit maybe that Henry Ruggs is right whatever wherever you go whatever you do what kind of go through it together nice to verify heard Masha and Carol sing that at the county fair okay Mike Charlie Chaplin hats on didn't they weren't they just of like Charlie Chaplin they were yet which one of the ways strangely appealing as a child I didn't know why but I'm like oh I think I like this Hey Mara beetle were on a bicycle built for two you know so yeah they were they were in those hats yeah I believe that I believe singing from the musical I don't know vehicle was but anyway point being is yeah it's weird to have the raiders right near you and Kolton Miller nice reference prune juice okay so he's a speaking of which we got to get into our list our top three teams that way happened at eight thirty today should be go on yeah it is gonna be excited we're gonna get our three favorite teams of all time and that means just a certain year to certain team it's gonna last time if if last time was any kind of evidence you know we really didn't have any overlap like none of us really pick this stuff up prices yeah I was can't imagine there wouldn't be a little overlap yeah I think well you little overlap you'll see I don't know we'll see no easy here's a S. and surprise up his sleeve okay got that I got a surprise of my sleeve to you do I do I think so yeah right the show might not be surprised but if you're a casual listening after like we're not really totally call from one of the sun I want again to keep that nearby by Joe yours predictable you guys find apart pretty predictable yeah okay ten twelve and fourteen all right the two H. two seventy three really well you take your pick of the of the three consecutive yeah yeah you like to say see cops the seventy four guy more seventy two seventy one seventy four they beat the Dodgers that yeah that's what I was in seventy two well that's kind of his favorite team of all time next okay we are one of four five and six ATV sports later you're listening to Murph and mac Venable now on your apple homepod smart speaker he's he's KNBR.

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