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Thank you for listening to the AP radio network. Did you do that you can purchase prince of AP's photography for your personal or small business? Use every day a piece photographers capture incredible images from all around the world. There on the scene of wars and conflicts concerts, movie premieres championship games and parades. You can browse APM dot com to find iconic photos to display your home office restaurant or do you give to friends and colleagues for more information, visit dot com. A new area for eighteen African penguins has opened at rooms by Opoku zoo, the international union for conservation of nature says African penguins are an endangered species. Rooms penguins arrived from zoos into written northern Italy and Bristol England the transfer was pounded the European endangered species programme which aims to preserve a population of healthy endangered animals in captivity. Half of the penguins are female half male. And they are all between two and four years old. NBC's planning attributes who Elvis Presley's nineteen sixty eight comeback TV special the singer presents Elvis. The network says the Elvis all star tribute will Aaron February. It'll be hosted by Blake Shelton and will include well known performers recreating songs and staging of the original program producers Steve binder who worked with Presley fifty years ago to create the special says he never expected to endure the all star tribute also has brought the release of a box set. That includes a Blu Ray edition of the show and a book by binder on its creation. Third parties sales of puppies and kittens are being banned in Britain, the UK's animal welfare Minister, David Rutley said the band's part of a commitment to make sure pets get the right start in life. The decision follows widespread support for cracking down on puppy farms and making it harder for unscrupulous dealers that disregard animal welfare under the new measure people wishing to adopt a puppy or kitten would have to deal directly with a breeder or rehoming centre rather than pet shops or other commercial dealers animal welfare groups have praised it as an important step forward. Hi. I'm Megan crane AP digital manager and host of the podcast ground game. A look at the top political issues bubbling up around the country ahead of this year's midterm elections. It's available on apple podcasts and podcast one. While you're there, be sure to subscribe rate and review it that's the podcast ground.

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