Joe Biden, Mike Pence, Vice President discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


47 on K Away, the head of the CDC says he thinks it is safer. Vice President Mike Pence to debate Democrat Kamala Harris tonight. In a statement, Robert Redfield said the agency determined that Pence isn't considered a close contact with him. The one in the administration who has Cove in 19, including President Trump, NBC News Radio's Brian Shook reporting, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is warning that America is in a dangerous place because of deep division instead of treating each other's party as the opposition. We treat them as the enemy. This must end. Biden, speaking in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, he says there's no room for hate in the US. He also condemned white supremacists. Another top aide to the president has Corona virus. He's been self isolating for about five days, but recently just yesterday did test positive and is now quarantining. Now the total number of people connected to the White House or campaign who are infected 18th. Leaving out the name their ego apologies. That's the advisor to immigration Steve Miller that she's talking about NBC's Hallie Jackson reporting. Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers is hopeful the City Council will approve his proposed budget for 2021. The mayor says the city wants to keep their expenses low. We made 20% operational cuts teach department in 2020 and those carrying over into 2021 City plans to hire 10, new police officers and eight more firefighters next year. A second grand jury and the Briana Taylor case is looking to go public hours of recordings of the grand jury proceedings were released last week with an anonymous grand jurors saying they should be made public so that the quote, truth may prevail. A gag order has yet to be lifted. And some sad news, hitting the music World Hard.

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