Admiral Scofield, Grant Williams, Fran discussed on Texas Financial Advisory Show


And often the volunteers dominating Iowa in Columbus, forty nine twenty eight at the half happy to have you back with us here. In our Westwood One studios in New York City along with ESPN college basketball analyst Fran for Sheila. Fran. We talked earlier today about Admiral Scofield, not liking Iowa grew up in Chicago. They didn't recruit him his brother O'Brien played football. Wisconsin. He's like. Anyway, he's taking it out on seventeen points in the first half while he was an officer. But he certainly wasn't a gentleman that defense and. On those. But you know, what he's got seventeen. But I love the balance and the ball Bouma to this team. I was trying to throw these defenses atom keeping them out of transition. They're not doing that. And great ball movement by this team grant Williams got seven as well. They're making nearly fifty percent of their three. So the balance is good, but Admiral Scofield, you are right. He is a man possessed right now. And he just a good player because he can make threes, and he can muscle you inside. If it gets close. He's got two fouls. Grant Williams has two fouls. But at the moment, it's not close forty nine twenty at Tennessee at the half. All right. The next game in Columbus. Another team that wants to get up and down the floor that North Carolina against a Washington team that has grinded teams out defensively but played really well on offense against Utah state to get to the second round for the first time since two thousand eleven Washington in that game. Late North Carolina. But they didn't have Mike Hopkins says head coach he however knows ROY Williams and as excited for the opportunity one of the great coaches to ever do it and one.

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