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Vetted through, Um Boston, BMC and Through Faulkner. They're highly trained, but we only had two See advocated for funding to increase that number. So she's the one that got that started that we need best service team members out there because they already have the networking with the doctors. The families and they can help facilitate interaction, Um to the positive and not negative and again, then Police officers were way too many hats were called for everything. If your kid doesn't want to go to school, they called the police. The kids acting up on the bus. You called the police. Kids acting up in school. You call the police. And again. We get called for everything. And I just think if you took some of the hats off overhead, the overtime will go down because Everybody needs to be held accountable and again. All these things were being done under the loss administration, working collaboratively with bpd, the cabinets and the people of the community. My guest is former Boston police Commissioner William Grass. Um, you have heard from the commissioner by telephone by television by radio. In the last few weeks, a Uh, very aggressive. Um Campaign. I would use the with with a small C for what's called real Progress. Boston Pack If you'd like to talk with the commissioner, will you take some phone calls? Commissioner I would love to take phone calls because again you see me walking in every neighborhood way before any barrel election. I care about the people. So thank you. Okay, We're going to get the phone call 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30 feel free to join the conversation Talk with police Commissioner across as they said he was Um, he contemplated, um, considered running for mayor last winter decided for a number of what I understood to be personal reasons, family. Considerations not to, um, to enter the fray. Many help felt at the time that he would have been, um, elected mayor of Boston. He certainly is making a very strong statement on television and radio and in newspapers I should add in the last few days, and I thought that since Um, since he has been such a factor in this race would be an opportunity for people to talk with him tonight. Join the conversation back on nightside with former Boston Police Commissioner William Gross. Coming back right after this night side.

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