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Sure enough he's in there fucking jumping and kicking. He's doing his thing. Do these, this is an interesting point, because Scott Atkins is like, he's a YouTube action star. His stuff is fun to revisit that. On YouTube. But like, are the movie's good? Are they worthy they're not? Yeah. See, this is the undisputed movies are good. Those are like genuinely good movies, but some of his other stuff is like, I don't want to watch the whole movie. I just want to watch when he did the kicks people. Yeah. When he runs up the guy's body. Okay, remember this is why you have to have him in there. Remember in the matrix when morpheus and neo are fighting the first time and Keanu does the kick where he kicks him like three times on the way up? Yes. And then comes down. Scott Atkins does that in real life with no ropes. He runs up. You can watch it on YouTube. He was fighting this giant guy and he kicked some kick some kicks him and then comes back down. He was like, incredible. He's like the do you remember the NBA player Anthony Randolph, where he's like, he's got all the tools. You know, I remember Anthony Randolph. He had all the tools. He was an athlete. From the bullies get bullied. We bully the bullies. Okay, here's a tricky one. Daniel. Oh wait, that's Zach Randolph, that's Jack Randolph. You're thinking of a different dude. Who is the Philly Michael Jai white is really the Zach Randolph of this list in many ways. You know, he's just so powerful. So overwhelming, powerful and beloved. Yes, you know, by purist, basketball purist, love Zack Randolph, action movie purist, love Michael Jai white. And rappers in Memphis are terrified of both Zach Randolph and Michael Jai white. We all are. Daniel Craig. He's James Bond in a number of films. And James Bond is our most reliable action franchise in the last 50 years. Where are you out on Craig? More than Mission Impossible, more reliable? I just feel like it's got a longer track record. I prefer the Mission Impossible movies myself. But there have only been 6 of them so far. And so it's a little bit tough to measure that against the dozens and dozens of Bond movies. And I think particularly the Daniel Craig Bond movies are well known for being really hard knuckled. You know, like with real well executed, not just big explosive set pieces, but a lot of hand to hand combat, you know, Daniel.

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