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So there you go. You know, it's quite something eventually lost not only did he lose. But he ended up facing corruption charges to some extent for using the state lottery to they advertise for his political campaign. He ended up that was that ended in a mistrial, but in order to avoid another court case, he ended up paying out one hundred thousand dollars. And really, I mean, K hill certainly is career is over. Absolutely Paulus cook political career was over political career was over for Karen. She ended up with Tim, Kahlil and books. I'm sorry. She ended up running with Charlie Baker. And now she in surely baited up and now she and Shirley baited up. Okay. Out of the deal. Even know Baker lost the two thousand ten election. He he gathered his troops. He regathered. An army and ended up running in two thousand fourteen and he won that election with Karen on. Of course, he is facing another election soon. Any doubt there'll be any October surprise here, depending, you know, you never know knock wood. There could be something about that issue with his son, and there were accusations some sort of sexual harassment. So you never know. But interesting certainly that one of the one of the most recent October surprises, at least when it comes to state politics was a pretty big one that involved. Charlie. Baker Baker is managed to move on without too much harm, certainly Tim Cahill and policy. Cocoa ended up on the wrong side of that situation. Thank you all for listening to get another animal house. Keep it here foster herald radio. Dot com. Notebook. Russia's.

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