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It's so ingrained in pop culture to where it is it has transcended mice seventy year old daughter knows that she has nowhere comes from but you know she's made that joke hang hang thing like i don't know where she got an increase no ideas from psycho it's evolutionary like we're just born knowing the shower see i mean it's a weird thing with the reggie censure leads the whole documentaries people talking about the share seen whites important what he does how it does what it does and it's an it's fell 'extraordinary collection of talking as we get people like well which stanley turns up actually richardson you haven't seen in sweden the document you very long have you may dust devil and started making young dr moreau before val kilmer and marlon brando when made it you up that film anyway uh and and and turns out caught near the end richest alleys they're logic because there's a scene in hardware which was his first feature that he's a shower seem like with thinking i mean i like richard i could configure at wise oh yes find that's that's why is and it's interesting because the psycho xiao seen is essentially cinema 101 it's the thing you know it's the thing that you go to to look at the study cinema because it's so extraordinarily put together and you think look in recent years we've heard hitchcock with sir anthony hitchcock psycho either antonitsch cut with sarah anthony sir anthony deary hitchcock yes we got the girl toby jones coming up show next week kaleidoscope we had hitchcock truffaut jabbar on the original recalling for the book.

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