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FM 97 7. Stay connected, stay informed. Good evening. It's 706. I'm Kelly Blyer. And here's what's happening. Fireworks in a Seattle courtroom this afternoon during the sentencing of a killer during the CHOP uprising in 2020. Northwest News Radio's Lobertini John was there. Marcel Long, now 22 and 19 year old Lorenzo Anderson Jr. Were rivals. Kids stuff until it wasn't. Donita St. Clair Martin launched into an angry tirade directed it long like only a heartbroken mother can. He tried to run from this situation. They jumped him, beat they him and then a shot and then your system left him for dead. Police had fled the CHOP zone in of June 2020 and first responders wouldn't cross the barricades. Both families as many as 50 people had to be separated during the emotional victim impact statements. Lorenzo's father Horace. You ain't hurt never felt until you lose somebody that you truly love and you you hurt and I'm hurt. Long received 14 years in prison. A lesser sentence says senior prosecuting attorney Brandy Geevers. The state Supreme Court requires the defendant's age and lack of maturity at the time of the crime. Lorenzo's father filed a lawsuit against the city over the handling of the CHOP zone. John Libertini, Northwest News Radio. congressman Former and former King County Sheriff Dave Reichert has filed paperwork with the state to run for governor. Reichert served in Congress from 2005 to 2019 and represented the 8th congressional district. He's been frequently mentioned in Republican looking circles for a statewide office since he retired. Governor Inslee has already announced he will not seek a fourth term. State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Commissioner of Public Lands Hillary Franz, and State Senator Mark Mullet have campaigns as Democrats. Some of Washington's members of Congress are at opposite extremes following the Supreme Court's decision during the president's student loan forgiveness program. Northwest News Radio's Ryan Harris has the response. Seattle Democrat Pramila Jayapal, who chairs the House Progressive Caucus, says decision by what she calls an extreme Supreme Court on the Biden administration order to cancel student debt for 43 million people across this country, who are being crushed a total of $1 .7 trillion in student debt. Jayapal also says the decision mainly affects poor people and people of color who would have had a better opportunity to fully participate in the economy. Washington's two House Republicans have weighed in, with Kathy Harris Rogers having previously said, quote, the cost of canceling student debt is more inflation, higher taxes and increased costs. Keep that in mind when it costs six dollars to buy a gallon of milk. Congressman Dan House calls it a victory for central Washington taxpayers, saying it's unfair to the 100 million people who never went college. to Jayapal says Democrats will continue to fight for loan forgiveness. Ryan Harris, Northwest News Radio. It looks like Seattle's booming tech sector is having an unusual effect on the local population. There is is a significant gender gap among those 25 to 39. Men are outnumbering women, largely due the to male the centric tech industry in the region. For every 100 young women, there are more than 112 young men, according to data compiled by the Seattle Times. That makes King County the third most male heavy county in the country behind San Francisco and Santa Clara counties out of California. On the other end of the spectrum, Washington D .C. is the female, most with only 90 young men for every 100 young women. Jeff Pojola, Northwest News Radio. State fire officials are pleading with you to be extra careful with fire during the July 4th holiday period because it's warm and dry, with some winds expected. Department of Natural Resources meteorologist Matthew Dare says fire danger is abnormally for high the holiday week. He says with the number of people doing recreational activities, it's important to limit human -caused fires. Going into the later portions of next week, hot and dry weather continues. It does look like it's going to be another hot and dry summer across Washington, with drought already creeping into the West Side. I only expect that to get deeper into the summer months. DNR believes it's possible we could see fire season extend well into the fall because of the dry outlook. From the Beacon Plumbing Sports Desk, it's the Mariners taking on Tampa Bay at Seattle's T -Mobile Park. That game is about to get underway. Hillsport says baseball, soccer, and a bridge partial closure create some weekend challenges for Seattle sports fans. Interstate 90 is the only option to drive east across Lake Washington this weekend. The 5 -20 floating bridge closed in that direction. Now the Mariners have a Saturday afternoon game against Tampa Bay at T -Mobile Park. That one begins at 4 -15. And then the Seattle Sounders kick it at 7 -30 in Lumen Field against the Houston Dynamo. Goalie Stephen Fry and defenders holding down the fort until Seattle's offense arrives.

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