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To express VPN for sponsoring amateur traveler. Well, it's interesting that's in Scottsdale because of the city's Phoenix there's Phoenix downtown, and we didn't say, but there's all sorts of different places. We'll be talking about around it including Scottsdale to the east and Scottsdale. I would say of the places that I have been in the area is the most cowboy town the downtown Scottsdale has more cowboy art exhibits in stores and things like that and has more of that western heritage. I think they call themselves the most western town in the west. And it's love downtown scout till it's an arty town with this western heritage. And my grandfather actually was a cowboy so I have a fondness for the. Western heritage. We have his Spurs. He was on the last round up in Colorado when he was sixteen he busted broncs being. So I have some connection to this. Although I myself am not a coupla. I would say to if you're bringing kids along in being a western museum Alday seems like that might be the seventh layer of hell for you. You might. Instead if you wanna get in touch with the western heritage take them up to rawhide, which is a wonderfully touristy cheesy. Western recreation town in northern Scottsdale that is more of a kid friendly way to look at some of the western culture. And glad you added that I have not been to rawhide. I was looking at that the other day going I have to get up there. I took my kids there as as a kid. We join it. I mean, it's touristy it's cheesy. But it's great western spirit has some sections for kids and the western area part of it is Scott some good stuff. But both the heard and western spirit. Are pretty adult oriented museums. And glad you mentioned the old town Scottsdale because that would be my other recommendation as once you finish western spirit is actually right along that area where all the galleries an auction houses and studios and things are and they've got that fixed up as a mall. You can go down you can walk into some window shopping. You can go in the galleries. There's a whole range of art. There's the western art. But now there's a lot non western themes done by western artists contemporary artists than there was a few even a few years ago. There's a lot of good restaurants there. No problem finding someplace to eat. Did you have one you would recommend? I was looking to see if there were any that I could recommend, but none are occurring to me cafe forte. Mr. right down on that end in. It's a lovely lovely spot. They do very beautiful dinners and nice lunches. There. We've eaten there couple times. It's not a budget place, but it's not super expensive either. And also for art lovers if you really into art and want something different. If you feeling a little overwhelmed by native and western art, the Scottsdale contemporary art, gallery is down at the end of the mall in that is completely different small small small museum only usually four maybe five exhibits on installations more often, but really interesting edgy stuff. So if you want a little change of pace, that's a good place to walk down to and see what's happening. And as I mentioned Thursdays. Are there aren't night? Most of the year. They have galleries are open late to museums. They're open late things are free. Most of the things are free, and you can walk around, and it's kind of event, and it's a lot of fun to do something like that were to next day three. I think it's time to get out in the Sonoran desert a little farther. I'd recommend taking a hike. Phoenix is a great city for hiking or biking more just getting out endanger, you can hike right in the city of Phoenix. As you go towards the edges of Phoenix. You have the mountain parks, which are spectacular. There's some some parks that we've that we've really really liked because they have a nice mix of trails and fabulous scenery include the mountain parks right in town and yourself thinking of the Phoenix mountains, preserve. I'm thinking of all of those north so user mountain park Dowell park farther out is lost further out. Okay. The problem with the parks like doing the Camelback hike is that you're there with ten thousand other people. So Camelback so there are places to hike inside the city I've been in Phoenix mountain preserve which is an easy hike. And then there's Camelback mountain which is between Phoenix and Scottsdale, which is a much more strenuous hike, but a very popular hike, especially to go up there for sunrise is a very popular thing to do. But yeah, it is more popular while you can get around Phoenix proper Phoenix and Mesa Tempa without a car because of the light rail, you cannot get Scottsdale on the light rail, but you can get to the others Phoenix is so much easier with a car, and if you have a car like I say north cave creek has that's a beautiful park. It's not too far out of the city. If you're staying up in Scottsdale, I generally stay on the east end of the city. I generally stay way out in Mesa the eastern end may so or in Apache junction and from their lost Dutchman state park is just stunningly beautiful Usery mountain state usury mountain recreation area, there's a number of trails out there that are. Tackler and take you right up into the edge of the superstition mountains. So you have the desert and you have the mountains. And when flowers are in bloom, it's just it's a gorgeous area. Do you have particular trail you recommend the to remember? Well, there's chew suggestions one is just about any of the lower trails in Las Dutchman are fabulous. They're beautiful. And then there's a trail if you wanna go all the way out to gold canyon, which is at that far edged the mountains at the Phoenix area. There's a trail out there called the hieroglyphics trail, which has it's a not too difficult on though, I haven't been out there in a few years, but it's still open. It's not too difficult trail that leads out to a basin where there's sometimes waterfall. There's always usually a pool, and then there's petroglyphs on all the cliffside some of them you walk right past the first time, I was out there. We were looking for the petroglyphs in. We were looking so hard for them thinking, they'd be hard to find that we. We actually walked by them. I turned around at some point and looked at my girlfriend in the petroglyphs like over her shoulder right there where you could touch them. So that's a spectacular hike in. It's not a terribly hard hike. Please don't damage the petroglyphs and don't touch them while you're out there 'cause you could date that damages the the artwork, but that's a spectacular hike on that end say we've gone out cave creek in the north has really some wonderful, easy, easy hikes. Kimba Wimpy hiker these days. So. But I would spend the day and just take your time and do one of the parks and enjoy the desert again if you're out there in the spring, the flowers in the desert are spectacular just spectacular. So that's my day. Three is Spencer timeout in for hiking around or in the mountain forests are in the desert area hiking around day four I'm going to suggest something that has nothing to do with Phoenix. Except that it's the only place you'll find this. And that is the musical instrument museum. Good. I was gonna get there. If you didn't. And it's not the only place you'll find it. But we'll talk about the game hoping to see the other one to spring. So the musical instrument museum ignored the name. It's a music museum. The name. There are instruments in the museum. So that is not an accurate. Isn't the totality of the museum? It's really about music and the people who make music as well as the instruments it's experiential in that you put on a set of headphones as you walked through the museum, and as you look at an exhibit. If you turn to watch a classic performance on video you'll hear all the sound over your headphones. If you go up and look at Bali's instruments as you look at the gamma you'll start to hear the Gammel on play in your headphones. If you're watching classic rock somewhere again, you'll hear the sometimes nation, but usually it's just the music. It's a fascinating Newseum to go through in the shows. They have their special exhibits include things like women's Rackers, costumes, or we went to that was it was an art exhibit. I don't remember what they called it. But it was like dragons vines, and it was all the inlay guitars and musical instruments from around the world from the US. It was just an incredibly beautiful show. You've been there. Chris. Wouldn't you say that there's something there for absolutely everybody? I have not been there. My wife has been there to this one. I have been to the one that inspired it in Brussels. But I have not been to this one yet. Oh, will you need to get there? It's unbelievably fun. And it takes leave a lot of time. We left about three hours to do the museum. We took my mother there, and we figured she'd be bored in three hours, and she wasn't board, and we weren't bored in the museum was closing. And so we were very disappointed that we had left more time. That's the same thing. I heard from oh if it was a trip where I drove back from Phoenix, San Jose, California, which is home for me and my wife, flew back. So she had a little more time that to to go and explore in what with reservoirs thoroughly enjoyed it. Yeah. It is a very good reputation. But personally been there I'm gonna check out the one in Brussels spring. I hope so I can compare the two, but I was very very impressed and for lovers of more world music or more. Interesting things, you don't usually see in concerts. They have a beautiful beautiful studio concert space. They're and they do full range of form Ince's through the winter at least. And so if you're heading to town, you can check out and see there might be something really unusual there that you are unlikely to hear somewhere else than it's beautiful space to hear music in. Excellent. Well, you're out in kind of out in that end of of Scottsdale. I think it is it's way north in Scottsdale. So maybe it is gut feeling Notre kind of Scottsdale Phoenix somewhere over there. The trip me up because most things just say Phoenix in the address. And so you're not really sure there is a loop of highways that kind of to me defines the main part of town. And e this is one a one on the north and ten on the south, and this is the northeast corner of that loop. It's out ways compared to the other places we've talked about while you're there. It's further west steel for something again, a little different. But now only probably in Phoenix, there's a place called the deer valley petroglyphs do valley petroglyphs, preserve. There are petroglyphs had mentioned on the hieroglyphics trail. There's actually petroglyphs you can see on the south mountain hike, but deer valley has a whole hillside boulders with hundreds and hundreds of petroglyphs they have a interpretive center that talks about the petroglyphs attacks about the area settlement in the area. It's a really pleasant little site. And if you're like me, really bad at spotting petroglyphs, these are even if you can't find them. I don't know how you couldn't there right in front of you. But they have volunteers out there to help you see the petroglyphs little show you where they are in point them out. So if you wanna see petroglyphs this it's handicapped accessible, it's an easy place to see a little bit more about the history of the area and see these ancient petroglyphs, it's in some really interesting spot. And it's a good extra spot. Run to if you're out at the music musical instrument museum, because it's kind of in that corner of more inner urban area. So for my last day. I am proposing that you leave that civilized Phoenix area behind and head out into the superstition mountains superstitions are on the east. They kind of the east border of the Phoenix area. Beautiful rugged mountains. They don't look like there is rugged as they actually are. There's a roadway into the superstitions historic roadway called the Apache trail. It's if you go out to Lou loss Dutchman and some of the mountain parks out that direction you go right on the patchy trailer up to it for a while on the Apache trail, the first half of the trail is a paved road. It's very scenic. But it's pretty good condition. It's an easy drive. Anyone can drive it. A good half day trip would be to take the trail out to canyon lake in take a cruise on the steamboat Dolly, which will take you down into. Along canyon lake and into its back in early backwaters, but the little offshoots canyon lake is a reservoir. It's Switzer flooded. Canyon has steep cliffs, lots of desert scenery, you might even see some some big horn sheep some wildlife while you're out. It's just a really pleasant little cruise either before after the Dalai, you should continue down

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