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Everybody on Thursday morning March let's go right into a more handle on the news Jennifer Wayne me well apparently Americans are now starting to hoard food behind corona virus fears and one big company want you to know they're gearing up to make sure you can have it he used to be the not so good was there no cable superbly there's progress which is a really good soup they are but I believe progress so is a Campbell's brand it may be but it's still Progresso right right as for example are you go Progresso chicken soup has huge chunks of chicken in it yeah and Campbell's chicken soup all right someone goes check whispers chicken and that's their chicken you don't like the sirloin burger I guess what I don't know I've never had that but actually hamburgers definitely I think the really big soup to you like a thick soup you go to Brent's deli I'm giving up a plan here they have a beef and barley soup that is not there's almost no liquidity is just this hardy hardy was like a stew it is always a Campbell's is speeding up it stop production yeah and there later in in great now they say look that only ten percent of their ingredients come from outside North America and only two percent actually less than two percent from China so what Campbell's is saying is we're going to be fine yes stocking up and we we're we're lucky that our supply chain isn't as impacted by right unfortunately I you're not gonna get as much formaldehyde coming in from China as you used to to make soups a real quickly I just read a story Starbucks is no longer letting customers use their own cops for refills out of coronavirus precautions how does that work because someone has to take a touch it yeah I don't know if you've cleaned your cop yeah that makes sense or you might just send it out I can see that it out back and so they say they're also stepping up their cleaning workers have been told to sanitize door handles chairs and tables more often during peak times and it's close to thousand Starbucks in China I didn't know that this that's one of the things why the United States is better set first world countries are better said to deal with corona virus because of this massive cleaning and sanitizing of everything and it is for example here right when Gary comes here if you know starts to show I mean he sanitizes everything as does some Alex before I show up everything is sanitized and so it smells like Lysol is actually pretty good so we do a lot of sanitizing all right twenty one people are still unaccounted for a day after those deadly tornadoes in Tennessee the death toll now at twenty four yeah with twenty one people still missing so you know it's going to go up substantially when they discover.

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