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Guy was screaming about. This is ten o'clock God. Damn bus, and I'm telling you right now. We're leaving ten meanwhile Larry Bind, fest and I are up in the suite in our sweet. Because all the players we had gotten rid of their rooms because it was passed checkout time, but we kept our room, so we're on our bathrobes watching the. The Red Sox game. We don't want to be with team. He'll WANNA be sitting there in the ballroom, sitting on the floor so jack we find out from bill back. That Jack wants to leave, and we said Bill Jack. We're not leaving till it's over. We don't know where the team's going to go and Jack Bill. Cosby back and says Jack is losing his mind and I said built. Forget it just tell. Tell them. We'll leave when the game's over and then Jack got involved, and we found out, Jack was GonNA. Take the team bus and just go to the airport and leave me and Larry up in the hotel suites, so Larry and I are furious. We get dressed. We go downstairs. We opened the elevator and Jack starts yelling like just going crazy, and it didn't stop even on the team bus right Jack. Shutout at. Oh Shit. That's great. I wasn't even really the I was asking about Josh Beckett specifically on three days resume. You gave us a good story there, Jack, where you doing that in front of the team on purpose, or were you just irked and they were just. There I was no, I wasn't trying to show them up I just. That was mad and I. I'm I designed. Was the win and I had an good. Good frame of mind and I didn't want him to all Griping I. I wanted to get that thing going I. WanNa talk about some managerial. Series obviously the the Josh Beckett three games rest. Thing is what everybody remembers, but I was at that game was a game. Five Karl von start in the Alex is Homerun David Game Four? Braden looper comes into that came in Brandon was very shaky leading up to that point, and he was going after he was going up against weaver, and it was sort of like all right. We both know that one of these guys are gonNA. Get lit up like a gas. Can which one is it and looper comes in and gets you guys out of a Jam Obviously I'm sure David. You were nervous I'm sure everyone on the team was nervous in that dugout. You guys knew the situation with and at that time Jack. What was your frame of mind in that decision? Did you have other options you? If you GONNA, go down. You're going to go down with your trust. In brayden that seemed like one of the momentous. Of that world series well I. I don't remember what I remember, the situation but I don't know what. My thought of mine was at that particular time, but. I I trusted looper that time and we're. What happened in near a Helluva wasn't getting the job done so I had to go to Lopa or woman up, but. He did a job. I mean he he he he slacked off a little bit towards the end of the year, and we went to WHO Bena, but then. You know we had to come back and Newsham in certain situations, and he did the Job David Gag I wanna remind you of something. I'm sorry Mike, when you're talking about our trust and Braden looper you have to know at that time in the playoffs are being arm was basically falling off, so he was not as effective as you would remember or think in the playoffs because we had used them correctly so Jack's view which I agree with us. These guys to arm falls off because we're trying to win right now. But Jack Looking at our entire playoff run an oath three. What would you say.

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