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A lot of sunshine Centro in about a few high clouds streaming in this afternoon but overall a mostly clear sky into this evening amenable cloud up later tonight a low of thirty five cloudy a mild for tomorrow with occasional rain and drizzle from late morning on Mars high up near fifty still little bit of rain and drizzle into early tomorrow night but then clouds will break later on a low down to thirty seven then on Wednesday a blustery and somewhat cooler day with some sunshine I forty four thank you for the real feel comfortable mainly be in the thirties with the breeze Thursday will be a brisk and even colder day with some sunshine and a high just thirty five degrees dry weather continues though looks like through the weekend as once we get past the rain tomorrow looks like mainly dry for much of the rest of the week forty nine degrees it's cloudy right now and it's on are going down to thirty five I'm accu weather meteorologist Brian Thompson on the York's weather station content lance wins news time at two fifty three Yankee outfielder Brett Gardner has filed a restraining order against an obsessed fan this woman apparently called herself his future wife and claims that he sends her sexual signals from the outfield the two have never even met and a lawyer for the thirty six year old is asking a judge in the Bronx for an order of protection against the woman in addition security guards at Yankee Stadium have they given photos of this woman with orders not to allow her through the gates discovering a masterpiece in the rust belt's were a four hundred year old painting turned out to be a Rembrandt here's correspondent Jerry prestar decades the art museum in Allentown Pennsylvania house an oil painting called portrait of a young woman they knew it was done around Rembrandt's time but they didn't know exactly who painted it two years ago they sent the painting to.

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