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And opinions you hear on talkradio six eighty WCBS wcbMcom are not necessarily those of the owners, banishment, employers and advertisers off WCBS him. But they should be. Quick update on the big stories of the day. Coming up at thirty minutes past the hour to see what's going on in my backyard on radio six. Five hundred twenty five minutes after the hour was Sean if I were talking about this incredible story Jacqueline Smith. Allegedly murdered by a panhandler while we find out. That is not the case. According to Baltimore PD. It was her husband key Smith and her step daughter Valeria Smith. Who apparently allegedly murdered their wife and stepmother, and then blamed it on a panhandler key Smith is Franken pointed out just moments ago did did the Jaclyn Smith no of his background. He robbed three banks with armed at the time with a deadly weapon. He did twelve years in prison. He married her in July of two thousand fourteen five years ago. And all of a sudden now, of course. And then. This whole thing was concocted. Why was concocted to kill her? And then in blame a panhandler. And it's just very very very sad story. Now, this this idea and we've seen it. We've got a number of people that are saying that this has made people even more fearful of Baltimore and of the homeless we had a lot of people winning in. We've got the presidency of healthcare for the homeless. Kevin Linden would saying this claim was made. And then suddenly he was outright fear of vulnerable people on the street Oprah even tweeted that she would not roll down her window. She was driving through. I got news for you. There shouldn't be any just total object fear of of homeless or you driving through Baltimore should be fearful in and of itself. Okay. Roll down your window at any intersection for anyone unless it's a police officer as direct you to do that. And we got the squeegee kids. We've got some of the panhandlers. You are mentally wasn't the Dan this particular case, we got people getting shot left and right in western in east Baltimore and now to to pretend Frank is if the it's the panhandlers that are causing abject fear. I'm sorry. I'm not buying that. Again. I just think that in anybody driving through, you know, certainly a lot of people won't even drive through Baltimore. Let alone stop at intersections enroll down their windows. I think the point here is, you know, the lot of these panhandlers. Are basically, you know, people who have fallen on hard times others as we've always talked about in the past may have some mental problems. Whatever it is. They're not in the best of straits. But this story just it. It's so sad in a way because you they concocted a good Samaritan. Story. It's a it's just unbelievable. I mean, you really have to almost think criminally or have a criminal mind. You know, the start, you know. Making a Rouge out of a good Samaritan role that he's wife was supposedly playing at the time like giving money to a panhandler begging with a you know to a panhandler with the baby supposedly. I mean there had to be a lot of thinking going on in. This guy's mind. You wonder just hell hell criminal. He is. But why what's the motivation? Well, it's not like Jacqueline Smith was independently wealthy here. Brother who lives in Hamburg, grace. Marcel tras van he said that he told police he long suspected Keith Smith in his sister's death because his story about the supposed panhandlers. Didn't add up all of the brother could figure it out. What took the police so long three months to figure it out. All you had to do or as run a background check on day, one of the of the of the husband and of the step daughter. And when you get a hit on the husband went to prison for twelve years for three. Time armed Bank robbery. There's your there's your mediate suspect right there. So maybe they eventually came around to that. I don't know what took three months to the truck this guy down. Apparently, they were on them at some point. And then as they were watching him, and he was getting closer and closer to the Mexican border. That's when they decided to to move in and make the arrests. Would we still don't know what was the motivation for this? That's that's the big question. I mean, we we haven't heard at least, you know, even though the Jaclyn Smith's brothers said that he suspected the Smith all along. But we haven't heard anything about what he what their marriage was like during those five years that they were married. Churchgoers according to one of the local church. I mean, this guy this this story could be made into a movie five twenty eight and I wanna tell you about our good buddy Vinnie steal, his success stories should be made a movie it's just incredible two hundred and fifty homes can be sold in one year by Vinnie and his remarks community team. 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