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I was going to say, well, we went on Cody derive which. I was going to save. Cute is well, I got a question for you. So you have seen arguably some of the greatest NWEA world heavyweight championship titles change hands. Where does last night rank in your memory? Well, because code is dad and knowing he was watching fee latte. You guys noon it to ain't no country song here. Toby, Keith felt it. The whole Bill filter it for weeks. So I understand how Desi would perceive this hold of it, how proud of everybody involved. It it was really significant. It's funny that. I'm I'm gonna tell you that probably the two most memorable end of your title defences and changes for me. Both happened in Chicago land. Ironically eighty nine flair and steamboat villian. Pretty good mash while the way pretty good mash. They only had three of that year that were, you know what? How many stars they got probably eighty. And a half. Those stars does says, I'll get that mesh four and one quarter star. What they do to screw up that one quarter today. The Missa flip. But the flared steamboat was magical man and last night because of the crowd so many you there that was going to see you all emotionally invested in the in the match and they use the. Indicate title. As a as it should be used as a standard bearer, but they made the angle personal. It doesn't personal, doesn't always have to be. I'm mad at you. You're mad at me. So you know, I'm going to bitch dog dog. That's one way of doing it and it happens. It works, but being personal Cody had a mantra. He had a mission is dad's legacy affected be this end up the champion was person personal deal. That became a personal issue. And I'll say this very day guys, I might be wrong. I think they're too many tiles wrestling. I think they've been watered down a great deal. And agrees smart young men and that personal issues, what the money. What we care about somebody strongly that we feel they're in jeopardy. That they're going to get hurt. There's going to be disappointed. Then it means something to me as a whole lot more. So you wanna take some questions from the crowd is discussed for your hand up and I'll come and find you. All right. That's not necessarily throwing it up. It's kind of just doing that. You have to do better than that high up there. What's your name? Where are you from? Which question Ryan from New Orleans. What do you think Vince is reactions going to be when he finds out about Jericho popping up last night. I don't started to have any reaction. He's he's a good note seller. And quite frankly, he's got a lot of fish to fry these days. You know, with everything they're doing, he's competitive, maybe a lot of fire. I don't know, but I don't think I don't think it's going to be anything near the magnanimous reaction that some people believe it could be the veins popping out, red face, seventy Sam. I don't. I don't think that's going to happen. He's got to the stock straight for last week. It's almost gives a shit about all. Do you still have your stock options at nine. What's your name? Where did you from what you question Amtel from northern California. I, I want to say last night was amazing. I think we all had an amazing time. There was so much fun. And at the end, you know Cody and everybody was letting us know that we were part of the reason why this happened that people in the auditory with people. It happened some of the back of my mind though. It makes me feel like the show was cut short in favor of the people watching at home and not the people that were there. And I don't know if anybody else felt that way or if you have any feeling about, so you thought four hours long enough..

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