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Episode was about shield the secret history of the world which salat summarized in our task for those of you who are longtime fans kind of some of the things. We've been talking about coming off. Millar hitches run now because mark Look oats yes yes yes. Will you leave the issues. Underwhelmed and kind of disappointed you will but she should be mad at bryan hitch about absolutely not the arts beautiful. Don't be so by So for thinking you know about from that. Run for this run. It is mark malar had Created on the upside. The sun a new world where refugees from the future were hiding living trying to build a society. Also re introduced. Eddie that vows very very very very smart probably smarter than re yes extremely smart while millar. Her insufferable prick split. The baby says she's smart. She still has the emotional intelligence bureau. So that's kinda run valuables different. That's why that is here Fall of the hulks is a book. I shouldn't read jeff low. Wrote it in. I love jeff Good things but man. Jeff flow of greg pock anticipated. They're one of the crux of that. Mini series is made. Dr jim dump. That's all you know going into this. Lastly war of kings. I would say you should reinforce kings because it's the he also the annihilation saga. It's kind of the final salvo remarkable positive under adnan. A good and i believe we covered it when we talked about the in humans. Yes that's black. Bolts advances saving the king of the midnight. King war kings one through six. That's giving the idea that the in humans are no longer on the planet humans as you know them or not and so. That's kind of the for anyone to give. Yes let's talk about dark reign. Let's talk about the bridge so as we as we've always said read is very smart and the thing when you're when the thing about what drives read if there's there's a bunch of really smart people in the mci in marvel right in a lot of very smart people. Each of them has their own vices. When it comes to using their intelligence tony for into tony stark. He's a builder. Tony can't help but build right like say whatever you want about. What he is that do can build. The should've something reeves vice is the fact that he has to solve the problem. If there's a problem read is like there's a solution for that problem. And he does like he's the guy and it's not even like we're going to cheat right. This is not the kobe. Meru where i'm going to hack into chain so we can. No no no no no no i can save everyone because we just haven't thought about it. Maybe we got. Maybe that means. I go back in time in pull in other pieces like that's a quote from issue. Grain that you're talking about read says it here. Most people don't know how to solve problems. Tend to be overly concerned with how difficult choices are are the complex nature of their specific predicament. Or they have even have it within the defined solution in.

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