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Show the Johnny Carson podcast from ten twenty seven seventy six October of seventy six almost forty four years ago to the day got some great. We've got the legendary film director and actor Orson Welles. We've got Robert Blake and we have Wayne Dyer. Who gives us some great advice? Doc is off and Tommy Newsom as filling in once again his dry sense of humor Johnny gets a lot of mileage. We've heard it on a number of these podcasts. About how boring Tommy actually is but in reality. Tommy was always a go to for some funny. So we've got a great show. We've got the monologue that talks about the history of Halloween talking about the election to Johnny's talking about the election of the debates between Ford and Carter. So that'll give you a little perspective where we were. There's a great callback in Johnny. Does a great callback in there. It's a good monologue. Then we move onto Orson Welles. Now Orson Welles was nominated for Nine Academy Awards for what is considered by many one of the greatest movies of all time citizen Kane. Where's the started out in radio or the world's was a radio show that the mercury players did and people thought it was real and that we were being invaded by Mars and it caused widespread panic. Another great movie of Orson Welles was touch of evil. I mean he was a great actor. He's a great director but he's here today promoting a special that he did for NBC. They talk about his old radio. Show a little bit. They Johnny actually wants to try to create one one day then they move into artwork and forgery and painting. Many people notice but Orson Welles was an aspiring painter. When you first started out but they talk about Picasso and a bunch of other things. It's a great interview. Sadly nineteen eighty-five Orson Wells did die of a heart attack But had a great career. He had one of those voices are booming. Voices that nobody can ever forget. And as a matter of fact did a lot of commercials. I think he did a I forget the wine winter but note we will show new wine before its time if you remember that spot then. Next up is Robert Blake he was Mickey Agra. Watch him as Mickey on our gang and he was in cold blood and he also had a small part and treasure of Sierra Madre where he sold Humphrey bogart a winning lottery ticket. He and Orson talk a lot back and forth about fame on television. This is one of the shows where there's a lot of interaction between the guests and allies. Enjoy that where the guest rather than. Just move down and be quiet. There's a lot of back and forth. And Orson is picking Roberts brain about getting into Into television and whether he should do a television show or not And then Robert Blake gives them some tips on how to succeed and one is that by having the network fear you that you don't need the job and you're gonNA walk away anytime Johnny picks up on this during during a throat at commercial and get some good laughs out of it and then we wrap it up with Wayne Dyer when Dyer motivational author and speaker. And he's written many books your own zones and he's he's talking about what it takes to make yourself happy in life and Being doer is he says what makes you happy He talks about the value of self worth and everything else and then of course Robert Blake picks up on this. And there's a long interruption by Robert Blake. But it's worth a listen. I will see you on the other side and now ladies and gentlemen he a Johnny you see you. You chose what's behind curtain number. Two and I came on a curtain number. One is a song back there again. How are you tonight? What's going on here last night? We had a space dot audience new this new high tonight. I'm Johnny Carson asking you to vote for me on Tuesday instead of the two other comedy candidates.

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