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Pat Foley, NBC SPORTS Chicago Last night, One backhanded fluffer model is taken to calling them fluffy passes because he doesn't really know when, while and Sylvie talk hockey. It's hilarious. They don't really know the vernacular. And you know, of course, years ago in Melun once made the most hilarious open. You'll ever hear. You know about the they were talking about defenseman in their sticks and to defenseman play with longer sticks, and it's like when they start talking hockey could be kind of funny. And one of the other day he goes, man. Candor makes these like these fluff passes. They're fluffy. And Sylvie said, is that the term fluffy and I started texting them right away. You're gonna help him for sauce you're looking for the term is backhand sauce. You know when it's on the plate, like it was yesterday was a backhand pass. That's that's backhand sauce, not backhand fluff. Okay. Just saucer pain. It's a saucer path. So we call it backhand sauce. Extra sausage. I used your car sauce. No, I think you might be in the dark on this one. You've never heard on the ice there. Hey, give me a fluffer, buddy. How about a nice fluffer? Send one over the com Center. Nice fluffer over this one. I send Fluffy boy set me up like fluffer Lassie passes. They're not fluffy passes their saucy passes its sauce backhand sauce. You're talking like you're more familiar with sauce. And most he's half a town that's right for the red sauce, Zit cream sauce. It's a vodka sauce. It's any kind of sauce. It's any kinds of pesticide RVs. It's any kind of sauce you want, but I love it. He's sticking with this fluffy thing. So we were having fun with it on Twitter last night, too. So what? I was going to call it fluff. Okay, That's fine. We'll call it sauce. We know what it actually is. I think Kenner had a couple of those again last night. Three point night for candor. That one was a tough one. I hope they bounced back tomorrow. Because after that, they hit the road for six straight. Don't you come back? No more no more. We'll see. We'll see. You know, everybody gets excited 65 and four. Here we are. 15 16 points to 15 games appointed games that good near the NHL appointed game is not good. The NHL remember that. Always remember that point a game in the NHL. You'd be about 15 20 points out of a playoff. Yep. You're out of a playoff spot, right? There were circumstances, but it's ah, slightly scaled back version. Who knows? I just hope they can kind of keep it interesting because they've been Maura. Interesting and fun to watch than I thought. I think that any of us thought if you went on those first four games is like, Oh, my God. This is gonna be a bloodbath all year and They played so much better since then, and they're actually appears to be some buying happening with the young guys in a couple of the veterans with Jeremy Colton. I mean, he's taken a lot of crap. Let's face it. I mean, it really has People have doubted him from the word. Go on. I get it. He's like 35. He gets the job replacing a legend. That ain't easy, man. And he doesn't say anything You never know with the press picked him. Nobody's got any faith it maybe you're right. But it's sort of unfair to call it in. You know, I mean, I don't have to be fair to Colton. The world's not a fair place. The other thing is he'll never win a press conference. I mean, he's just he's so dry. No personality, no personality whatsoever. His personality comes out on the ice, and certainly not there to impress, you know, even caters talking about guys buying in and you can keep the buy in. That's a good thing. So he must be doing something right in that room right now, when you got to replace a guy like you, you know you got the mustache and the charisma and the wind. He's charismatic and oh, my God and Cuba's chops like nobody could bust chops. Yeah. This infant child of a coach is gonna bust somebody's chops, right? It's it's hard, you know, like you kind of like it was like 632. Yeah, that's what I mean. Like you walks into a room is a presence in the president is a presence. This guy looks like he's gonna ask for your tax I d number so we can issue a check, you know? The hell's Collinson look like, but maybe we should cut him some slack. You know, it's it's working a little bit. The young guys are playing well. So listen, It's working a little bit when these guys air scoring 1.4. Points, You know, per game. That's when it's working, Carm. All right, we'll get slowly. But surely Right now we're comfortably mediocre. That's what that's what the Blackhawks are. It's better than being comfortably, not comfortably mediocre. Yeah, 3123323776. That's the number. If you want to join us at any point today we got bulls tonight. We'll see what Zach and Kobe do for an encore as they host the Clippers, and then it'll be a little bit of a stony top tonight. Yeah, against the arrested Clippers team, But they will play without Paul George, if I'm not mistaken tonight, the really tough with them on Super Bowl Sunday and I really like with Elgin Baylor's done with this. Yes, I know you don't mean this is president stuff. Not Super Bowl Sunday. Excuse me. It was the Sunday on which the Bears played their playoff game member. The Bulls had, like three o'clock game that nobody wants. Who's running the clip stuff. The Clippers. It's Tyron Lewis. Thank you. Thank you. Elgin. Baylor's gone. Al Jim. Bail has been gone for quite some time. Um Elgin has been gone for I don't I'm trying. I'm blanking on who their GM is. Right now. I think you'll be okay. You know, Doc's gone docks and attack. He's definitely gone. Tyron Tyron Lewis there. Michael Winger has the title of Clippers. You know, Manager? Yeah, they brought him in. I think he's doing a good job. The great Michael, You know what, though. You know who's above him? That's why I thought it was, But I wasn't sure, Lawrence Frank. Lauren said. He's the team president Lawrence Frank, former coach of Indianapolis. Former coach of the new matters. Next thing I was ever in India, right. Good old Lawrence. Frank coming up in a little bit here. We're going to play Alan Robinson. He was on Sirius XM. He is talking about any communication that he has had with the Bears about his future. You will hear from a rob Coming up, so don't go anywhere..

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