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The Federal Aviation Administration temporarily grounded the seven thirty seven MAX last March after two fatal crashes the FAA says it's not following a prescribed timeline for allowing the Max jet to fly again a lot of comes out of my testing Richard ABA Lafia is an aviation analyst at teal group and of of course getting all of the pilots that are invited to provide input comparable a big question is how much pilot training the FAA will require in flight simulators oblivious says there are only sixteen or seventeen seven thirty seven MAX simulators with all this uncertainty airlines are just taking Max's off the schedule which means extra scrambling during the holidays Donna Rhodes teaches management at Embry riddle aeronautical university they really want the business airlines hate turn away people asking for seats so planes flying into smaller regional airports will be diverted to more popular hubs and airlines can lease older aircraft but if there aren't enough planes ticket prices could go up over the holidays Haley Berg is an economist at the flight at Popper she says it grandmother's house is off the beaten path it will be more difficult on some of those more regional routes to find a seat on a plane or get a great deal price because there will be lower capacity Berg says you can pay twenty five percent. more than you did last year for a flight from say Pittsburgh to LA the upshot you might have to fly at a different time or date than you planned to get the best fare I'm Nancy Marshall again Sir for market place on Wall Street today it markets are close to the US for Labor Day global markets were mixed after yet another set of US China tariffs went into effect yesterday more all that when we do the numbers are. Quentin Tarantino's latest film once upon a time in.

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