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And more they always find something that's freakin delicious it's chuck and kelly thursday morning at crazy and frankly gross way some people remembering their dead loved ones that's twenty five wty okay tomorrow's a fourth of july i know everybody knows but here's what you may not remember there was a harvard study i had this some years ago greetings i am america's anchorman and remember that survey from harvard the fourth of july just one its own independence day celebrations tend to make people feel more republican emma same survey had the same david about the flag that that the flag flying along with all the traditional social behavior that takes place in the fourth of july tends to promote feelings of the republican party people obviously are motivated toward patriotic love of country themes and ideas and it really struck home with me because it it also had the counterpart that this kind of activity anger democrats flying the flag engaging in traditional independence day fourth of july behavior and if you doubted it then why did you should not doubt it now you i made a point on yesterday's program what's wrong with america remaining america and of course that's the objective of the people currently protesting say getting rid of ice or whatever they want to transform and change america so i would suggest everybody fly your flag tomorrow be american go out and just do what you would normally be inclined to do but don't be intimidated and deploying the flag don't be intimidated by any patriotic activity because you never know the impact it's going to have on people these facts in that harvard survey were not just outward some of them were subliminal you never know where this this kind of influence can take place but i just wanted to remind everybody that if those plans that you have tomorrow include such outward even even the writing of fireworks in the left doesn't like that because that could lead to climate change in forest fires in the number of things we stopped for thinking there's literally very little it happens on independence day that liberals celebrate and want to be part of how you doing fox grades are have you hear telephone number eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two.

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