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Just like making stuff and putting it out there and the low expectations of people. You know, the ingenuity of just trying something and seeing how it works now because I have a name, there is a certain standard that's expected and sometimes I wish I could erase that. You know, maybe I'll come up with a pen name or something. I don't know. But I do miss just being able to create stuff online and put it out there to see what happens. Well, you've mentioned that you're working on the series with city girls. What can you tell us about it any big updates you can share? Yeah, I mean, we just wrapped the show, and I'm just really excited to set in the indie music world. And it's a completely different world. And a very different story of still friendship but trying to make it an industry that doesn't see it for you. So in some ways, they're parallels to my own journey, but the music world is so different and to a state and crazy. I'm learning myself. Did you worry once insecure raft of weather, you would find love again with a show like could you feel the same way about something? A little bit less when I was writing this show because I was still shooting insecure, but after rapping insecure and you know crying with Yvonne Jane and apprentice in the crew, I was just like, damn. I wonder if I ever feel like this again. And it's just different. I'm very, very hands on, but I'm not on camera and I already see that there's just a different dynamic and it really excites me to see the actors of that show bonding and hopefully, you know, their experience will be what ours was. They'll have a rich experience. But I don't know what kind of experience I have that comes close to that have been secured. That's a lesson that I've learned. No show is going to be like insecure. I'll be chasing that feeling, but I know what ingredients make for a positive working experience. And I can at least strive to that. Yeah. Yeah. But you also have a 5 year overall deal with WarnerMedia. You have an audio company slash record label, multiple cafes, a hair care brand. Is it safe to say Issa is building an empire and is there a goal that unites all of these endeavors? That's an excellent question that I'm going to ask myself in my yearly reflection. And dead serious that's something that just yesterday I was like, what am I doing? Hey, hey, girl, what are you doing? What do you want? Listen, it's all I think about with myself on a daily basis. What are you doing? Yeah, and I think it's important to ask yourself if you're you want those things and how badly you want those things from year to year and to be honest with yourself about it. So the answer is, I don't know yet. I'm very much enjoying what I'm doing, but I think thinking about the bigger picture and how long I want to do all of this incidentally important. How do you help people write about or talk about this show in 20 maybe 30 years? What is a dream quote from someone who revisits your work in say the LA times or something? I mean, it's twofold. I want people to say, you know, this is my favorite show. And that this show is, you know, a part of their favorite memories. And also that it inspired them to create their own show, their own book. Inspired them, so just write in general. That is cool to me. I have no doubt that that will happen. But I have to ask, you're familiar with Hollywood. And the obsession with reboots and revivals is there a world in which you would ever revisit these characters in like, say, ten, 15 years. In a reboot form, I don't think so. I've been saying a strong note to movies and all that. And I love leaving things as they are. It's kind of a legacy. But as of a reunion without a doubt, I want to see everybody again. I want to end just like that of insecure. Now you do not. No, you do not Ivan. Please. I do. It just ended. You did not want that. And I don't. It's a duck to this to me. You.

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