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Delegate Cincinnati Hamilton County on the watch list for covert 19. This is the 3 30 report. I'm Matt Reese. Breaking now dangerously close to purple. The Ohio governor calling out Hamilton County is one of three counties statewide, edging nearer to the highest level of advisory for covert 19 because of the virus spreading. Three counties that we put on the watch list. All would qualify this week is purple. But our system says you gotta be purple. Two weeks before we show you is purple. So they're on our watch list. They're not. They're not governor. The wine in his news conference this afternoon, Kaya, Hoga County, the Cleveland area and Clark County. Which is the Springfield area are the other two counties getting closer to purple once at that color that will affect How a school district does its teaching Cincinnati public schools to shut down in person learning Under that scenario, currently there in hybrid mode, according to criteria we laid out then we will shut down. If the county or when the county goes Purple Cincinnati School board member Mike McCroskey on the Scots Sloan show earlier today, today, a record setter in Ohio with more than 2400 new cases In the past day, Indiana nearly 2900 new cases of covert 19 that sets a daily record in the Hoosier state. And in Dearborn in Ohio counties in South East Indiana. They lead the entire state in seven day positivity rates. 29% in Ohio County, 17% in Dearborn, Kentucky's latest numbers coming out next hour. Let's check the roads. Now the latest traffic and weather together from the UC health traffic Center and preferred cancer care lives. Better outcome. Schedule your annual cancer screening with Jussi Health by calling 513475 8000 Accident North bound 71 at 2 75 Right lane is blocked. You tap on the brakes past five for 75 north still stop and go in northern Kentucky from Buttermilk Pike all the way up to that earlier wreck. We had a 12 street, but all lanes Air open a 12 Street. That's the good news. South 75 still moving a bit slow approaching paddock Road accident there blocking the right shoulder and you slow back to about Shepherd Lane. Jason Erhard on news radio 700 wlw, now the latest forecast from the train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 wlw, decreasing clowns and a high of 79 degrees. The seven maybe a bit more late day, son. But tonight clouds rolling right back in with a low 69. The clouds are all in response to rain chance coming back for Friday will be isolated in the morning, spawning throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening.

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