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Really never materialized, and they march right past it. Okay I. Mean I know that they're winning and all and that they do, but it still feels like the fucking Russians cheating. Right? Quitting at risk by like pondering over your next move until I have to go home. This this actually to me. This feels like beating yourself up I to save your bully. Does Take the Polian five days to get to the gates, a Moscow, and he finds it burning and abandoned, and he of course is disappointed, thinking either job. Voice thinking, he's either gonNA crush rush the remaining forces there or at least receive an unconditional surrender, and he doesn't get either what is also customary, is that the city leaders who basically feed and house the invading troops in exchange for sparing the city? Well, no one's there with a hot plate orders in the warm tower points this man. This is the mood there's nobody to plunder from. I didn't even want to plunder now this is. So, there's a fire in Moscow that night. It could actually be its own citation needed, and it's not certain how it starts. It rages for a few days until the entire city is pretty much ash. The capital Russia at the time. Saint Petersburg and even though the city is called the second capital, it's basically worth about tree fifty, so Napoleon did not receive a lengthy surrender agreement from the czar instead. He looked around at zero assets snow and he couldn't push forward anymore and he left for home. It's not that easy just picking up and living Russia it's coming up on winner. The troops at this point are starving. The road is totally burnt. And if you think the Russians were just going to let them walk away, think again they basically harass Harry the army, the entire March, the horses have nothing to eat, and they're either left to die or eaten for food, and this means all the cavalry men just got. Got To motor infantry and all those heavy cannons are just left behind Napoleon came to Russia with half a million men, and he left with legend. Has It twenty two thousand man? Wow, now now there there may have been as many as one hundred thousand prisoners of war, so it isn't as bad as it sounds, but it's still pretty fucking. Do I'm sure the PUCK? In Russian war preserves made it out just fine. That's fair. Somehow in this thing, the real winners were like the guys who poop themselves to death in the first six hours. Fuck it. They knew how get it done. Yeah! Man God, Damn Napoleon's forces one really. Whole ends armies never the same after that I mean he had to rebuild the whole thing, and he did a pretty good job getting it back to four hundred thousand men. But a lot of his veterans were gone, and he had lost a tremendous amount of horses and cannon. Russia was pretty obvious that he could be beaten and then the next few years he would be beaten a few times until finally loses it all and gets to that I. Island I think the story is such a great tale of overconfidence, incompetence and French failure. It's just a shame Eli missed it. You know it's all it's all. Getting yourself to death. Interesting Horses Yeah Yeah. All right so if you had to summarize what you learned in one sentence, what would it be as Polian era soldier, sticking your entire arm up a horses. Ass is probably the best thing that happened on trips. Warm warm in here, guys! Elephants excess. Also. Worse! Goals. We gotta make a chain. It's actually a lot. Tug of the role three times. Okay we got. This isn't working. It's like shooting pool with a rope got. To. Ourselves All right in. Are you ready for the Quiz so God nothing I'm asleep. Seasonal which of the following is the best asp porn about the French army? He's out. Here. This is my favorite part of everything. Thank you so much for. All right, which is the best born a? Black booty. He always a good choice actually I'm Russia with glove. The Derby Sanchez. To phillies one copy. or Deep, dish impact. I gotta go with a secret answer APP. All of the above. They're all amazing. There's no best you cannot rank one better than the other. That is absolutely correct. Yeah, so good so good all right see so. Napoleon probably should have known that. Russia would never gill to a foreign power. What clues to Russian fortitude might have tipped. Russians drink vodka like hikers sipping camelback. A meteor blew up the sky. In Russia. Many of the locals stood up to fight it. See. Common Street scam in Russia to purposely throw yourself in front of a car, and then either sue or fight the driver that is after I fighting the. ZANGARI's got his start in St. Russian sports all seem to involve enormously STOIC men taking massive amounts of punishment in extreme competitions to see who drops I. This is not a war strategy. This is recreation in Russia. Actually called it a Poli- auto war the big French tickle fight. I. Again trying to throw me off, you want me to pick one, but it's not. It's all the above. It's easy. Bit Is that he probably should. Olympic. Team is called collection of countries. have. You ever seen the Russian slap fighting. Each Other, just slap each other until someone does are want to. Were they crying because they knock each other. Slapping all right so I've got I got one. That can stump be here seasonal? If Eli had been on this episode, How would he have avoided the work of actually writing one of these question bits for the end? Do that hilarious. He's just so bad at puns. Classic be totally weird metal thing that ignores the show subject matter entirely and instead relies on the fictitious personas who crafted for the purposes of this program. That is not what I'm doing right now. That's what you're doing right now. You Have A kid. I'M GONNA. Go with the grossest answer. D. Have A kid. That's the most disgusting. Because that's what he did all right well, it was. Nobody was able to stop you this week. So see so you on the episode. You can choose to host next week. That is a perfectly sensible dynamic ties each episode together wonderfully. Downstairs to be next week to listen to this next week. It's totally ruined I. Don't I can't listen. I'm going to choose Tom to go next at. You're perfectly sane, system. PROCEDURE HE TOM and to a lesser extent ally is. Taking. Today, we'll be back next week by then. Tom We'll be an expert something else between now and then you can hear more from Thomson. Sean cognitive dissonance and the sexiest crab species it. You can hear more from than me on the scaling atheist got off his the skeptical at DVD, minus and probably some other fucking show.

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