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Ganal power senior counsel to the national women's law center one of several groups planning legal action to block the new rule the rule goes into effect immediately go way work that people could expect in a thirty days from now to be losing birth control coverage president trump also issuing a directive to override many antidiscrimination protections for lgbt people you're listening to abc news news radio 610 wtvn i'm scott jennings a swat situation this morning on the northeast side and it with a man shooting himself abc six steve levin says a habit shortly before eleven at an apartment along ashton the woods place we've learned the man and his girlfriend apparently had an argument last night and when she came to check on him this morning he locked himself in that bathroom and would not come out swat officers say they heard a single gunshot wound a single gunshot after they knocked on the door they moved in and found the man shot he was taken a grant medical center in critical condition amana posted a facebook live video of himself with a gun at nationwide children's hospital was ordered held around a quarter million dollars bond today stacy allison is charged with having a weapon under disability have for the video was posted thursday he was air walls child was a patient hospital roles prevent weapons on the premises but allison is also not allowed to possess firearm due to a previous burglary conviction is next court appearance is set for next week the ohio attorney general's office has introduced its new weapon in the fight against child sex crimes and electronic sniffing canine officer josh ramble explains why the dog is named rep tar is from the tv series of rugrats main character nasim's tommy's a one year old kid is favorite superhero in the series was rats are agreeing dinosaur and he was always in her machination as they're kind of protector and hero selecting pocketing fit for crimes against children the dog will help officers sniff out hidden electronics that may contain images of child porn police are investigating after races flyers were discovered in new albany they were left on cars in an area apartment complex and said black patrons are welcome at averaged joe's pub the message which includes a racist slur was also posted the face book the pub's owner says he's appalled by the flyers and at the doors to.

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