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Zero five four six two six David Ruben, our guests, the former mayor of Shiloh Israel, the author of Trump and the Jews we have a call from Addison in Stover, Missouri. Hello anderson. Hey, how's it going? I was gonna ask David. What do you think that his chances are of the American Christians reconciling with the pagans live within? Well, interesting question where it's you're talking about this conflicts that. Referring to or looting too little bit just within the Jewish community because in the Jewish community. You have to have those who are orthodox. And and meet me that they are. Religiously connected, and and have strong moral values as opposed to those who are secular. I really don't believe in really. Jason really of other than liberal values. And it's it's kind of a microcosm. It's very intensive Jewish community. But it's kind of a microcosm United States as a whole and well, look reconciling the shore. I mean, people need to be peaceful in resolving their differences, especially when it's within a nation that had that has become very polarized. And we understand about that in Israel as well. But you know, it doesn't mean that you don't stand up for you. Values and and sites to them as strongly as you can. All right. Appreciate your call. One. Eight six six five zero JIMBO Robert in Burlington, Vermont next on the program. Good evening. Robert. Yes. Good evening. Thank you for taking my call. Sure. The United States becoming a citizen. Right serious to help them melt into the American society. Learn the language that job is certainly quietness and they had to be educated as a history America. What kind of education or things you do with people who want to become citizens of Israel. That they might melting. Iraq, but blend in. Well, we had people come from from all over the world, and you know. Yes. The population is Jewish but. As as you heard earlier there, we have Ezio opium zoos, we have Indian zoos Argentinian and Mexican and French and American just all types, and and and yes, sometimes they come from very different cultures. But the first thing that everyone does is that they go to an intense course, very intense course, in Hebrew language, which includes the history of Israel. It includes understanding Israeli culture. So it's a lot of the same things that you go through in the United States. If you if you legally immigrate, okay, but but in in Israel's thank God. Because of the southern of wall or fence, we have mainly almost. Entirely legal immigration and win a legal immigrant comes in. He wants to be a part of that country. He wants to be completely a part of the touch he lives in and do everything we can be hard when someone comes in illegally. They're just they're just going to try to get a free pass in and then and then they they don't really care about the laws of the country 'cause outrageously they've broken the first law of the country. Come in legally now at concept that seems hard to drive home sometimes here.

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