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Love from the Matthews Brothers Studios. So we got from Charlie Baker cuts. Play here, but But first I wanted to mention the lead story in the New York Post website. Governor Cuomo pulls out phony box of vaccines during covert 19 briefing This guy. He can't decide whether the thinks the vaccines or fake. Corey wants to get them all immediately yesterday, So today, he showed off what he called a box of vaccines during his press briefing. Only to later clarify. It was just a mock up. The governor smirked and made a joke about Christmas presents is he pulled out the package from New York based drugmaker Fizer his show and tell moment came after he instructed New Yorkers to get ready for the covert 19 vaccine show and tell me what does he think all of his voters are kindergartners? I. He instructed New Yorkers to get ready for the covert 19 vaccine because quote it's here and it's real. I thought, he said it wasn't real. Day after it after announcing the state was expecting 170,000 doses by December. 15th So in other words, is earlier statements that it might be fake are inoperative. Now as the as Nixon's press guy, Ron Ziegler used to say it's real and they're being manufactured and they're going to be shipped. This is the weapon that is going to win the war, he said. Holding up the fake Be fake mock up. Listen, let's listen to a little bit of a stupid. The package itself.

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