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The snow conditions are like those between five and five and a half inches downtown already uh the rosier compaq snow and ice that's a winter wonderland as fast as the i can see a dark time um heading down highway a 162 towards 410 compaq snow and ice the power seems to be out um and i believe it's alderson a little town between ordine and some there um and then highly 410 compact snow and ice it's actually not that bad and then one six seven it's compaq's known ice and until about i'll going up pacific and then it starts to taper off in the roadways there barrett it appears to be wet drivers are actually uh maintaining a safe distance between each other kind of nice that's good to hear justin we appreciate the information this morning take it easy on the roads find out how long this is kind of last here's seth wayne from the komo forecast seen most of the snow showers were endings guys attorney clear today and it's going to be chilly we're going with daytime highs today in the mid to upper thirty's going for another round of clear skies tonight tomorrow afternoon could be snowy yet again with another couple of inches of snow falling and forty six inches across our past and switch remix continues into the weekend on seth wayne in the komo weather center and right so get used to it is what sets sets right now in everett cloudy skies it's 26 olympia still a few snow flurries and thirty one here in downtown seattle partly cloudy and thirty and the contribute freezing temperatures prompted several so these too old open warmth shelters overnight the cities of can't renton and seattle among them in the plan to open though shelters again tonight last month many people living in coastal communities didn't get and alerts when there was a sue nami watch issued i'll today grays harbor county will test the system after corrections were made only people who were side that for the coastal community emergency notification group before january 23rd we'll get the test and other tests will be dead later for people who signed up after that date one of the.

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