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Injuring God. Blast I wish I made a homecoming got up the curve Outta myself worship with the bottle welcome back to Attrition If you're just joining, us I'm in studio with Caroline, Hudson I bet most of you listening, each we don't realize how much time we put into this. Program and I just realized, Caroline I, said if you're just joining, us I'm here with. Carolyn I didn't say who I am I'm Cassie Wenas But I just wanted to mention that we do spend a lot of time researching for dishing up nutrition depending. On the topic we put in ten to twelve. Hours a week We probably put in another four or five hours again depending on the topic just making, the show understandable and conversational so that it reaches our listeners where they're at so guess. What I'm saying? Is because of all the time we put into the? Show each week we would really love your feedback, so that we know if we are serving your needs are you learning? Are you using the information that we're? Sharing with you are you. Encouraging your family and friends to listen either to our live broadcast of dishing up nutrition, or to our podcast and are you writing any reviews on I tunes, about our podcasts we truly feel honored to, present our radio show in our podcast to you every week we have a passion about sharing this message that eating real food. Matters and our goal is to reach people worldwide We certainly have a health crisis here in United, States and many other countries do as well Eating real food is a simple message we know this but. When you implement this message meal after meal day after day it becomes a life changing habit so do let us know. Howard doing you can either send us an Email at. Email at weight and, wellness dot com, you, could, also, call, the, office. To give your feedback that, number.

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