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Right now in Modesto we have forty seven in Yuba city of your head of the bay area forty six in Vallejo and it is forty eight in Sacramento with stories now trending on the calf became morning news here is the latest this morning on the corona virus outbreak we begin in Santa Clara county where they have announced a ban of all large gatherings of at least a thousand people for the rest of the month public health officials there announced the first death in that county from corona virus it is the second death in California a woman in her sixties had been hospitalized for several weeks with the virus before she died the status of three San Jose Sharks hockey games the NC double a women's basketball tournament at Stanford and won MLS game are now in doubt this morning over this span and two popular California festivals also under consideration for postponement or cancellation over the coronavirus KV Kayes nikah makan his reports organizers with Coachella and stagecoach are planning to push back both music festivals to later dates amid coronavirus fears officials with promoter Goldenvoice have discussed moving the Coachella Valley music and arts festival in Indio California to the weekends of October ninth and October sixteenth the E. G. own concert promoter is also planning to reschedule the stagecoach country music festival to possibly October twenty third organizers say they hope to know within the next forty eight hours if the move would be possible if not Coachella and stagecoach will likely be canceled this year Megan the girl has news ninety three point one Kathy Kay this morning thousands of passengers are still waiting to get off the ship that is docked in Oakland it didn't take long for them to fight back active PK's mark Mayfield has more on that angle of the story the ship finally docked on Monday and already a Florida couple has filed a lawsuit against princess cruise lines they accuse the company of not screening properly to reduce the risk of exposure they boarded on February the twenty first and say they were only asked to fill out a form confirming they weren't sick they're now demanding more than one million dollars citing emotional distress and trauma mark Mayfield news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. now when it comes to your four oh one K. there is one piece of advice that most financial experts agree on in the market route like this stay the course more now from KPK is ladonna Harkins the sale was before not now president CEO of commerce street holdings dory Wiley says we have a tendency to run on emotion and this is not the time to indulge that instead he says consider investing right now allocating more equities it's a good time to do that it takes a little nerves of steel it doesn't mean that the market could go lower but you won't be barred with things are off you're looking for numbers of shares you're looking for long term which she says nerves of steel will be necessary but ultimately he says fruitful in the long term ladonna Harvey news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. okay we're gonna talk a little bit about the economy I mean what a day it was yesterday with the Dow down almost two thousand points a huge drop Kelly brothers coming up in about fifteen minutes or so to give us the very latest the futures right now Christina the Dow futures down or up six hundred points they were of the futures were up a thousand other up six hundred yeah it's a roller coaster ride but the government is well they're not going to do nothing I mean they are now trying to put together some sort of relief package your stimulus package to help people I think payroll taxes which are one of the ideas being floated as a payroll tax the White House is looking at a number of different economic packages that they may float over the course of the next few days they were mom on it on Friday Larry Kudlow the one of the economic advisers at the White House said last Friday look we're not what I can really need to do anything we'll be just fine then the market tanks right up so they're likely going to have to have some kind of stimulus package and boy have we heard that time and again over the last ten years right during this huge bull market but as Kelly indicated yesterday Christina while you were gone we're very close to getting into bear market territory for the first time in ten years well at our markets go up and down and we expected this one to come down eventually and we had the longest bull market in history also things gotta come down but one of the world's leading economists general Roubini professor of economics at NYU predicts the corona virus outbreak will lead the U. S. and the world economies into a recession and as you listen to this audio clip keep in mind beanies nickname on Wall Street is doctor do here's what he told CNBC about what he believes and why he believes are headed for a recession is our featured article the sour rounding out the bullet so you put it all together is much worse than what happened in the first quarter of sixteen or the fourth quarter of eighteen is going to be much more than the three got put in a session going on down the the stock market but the credit crisis and what in the beginning of a complete season of credit market so if you can hear through the thick accent essentially what he's saying is that we have a credit crisis looming in this country that's been an underlying an underpinning cause for concern for a long time doctor doom and I've read in the past if there are a lot of people who sort of pan what he has to say because he's been known to be a little bit on the bearish side but he raises some really legitimate concerns and did so with C. N. B. C. that it's more than joshed corona virus here folks that there are some things within this market place that we should be concerned with not just in the United States but global well we were already looking at trade as one factor in the amount of debt that Americans are carrying well and when he says credit crisis that's exactly what he's talking about and not just on the retail side but on the corporate side I'd as well many corporations have are deeply in debt because they borrow when the money was cheap to borrow all right let's get you caught up now in this hour's top national stories on news ninety three point one calf became from ABC news I'm sharing Preston's markets open in about a half hour and plenty of people will be watching to see what will happen following Monday's latest free.

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