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Cuomo TV will have more time to fight a King County judges order requiring them to turn over images from a May 30th protest March. The update from comas, Corwin hate the judge's order. Her to provide. Seattle police with potential criminal evidence was due to be enforced today. But the Seattle Times reports a state Supreme Court commissioner has granted the news companies motion for any emergency stay. The media outlets, including The Times Co. Mo and three other TV stations argue the order is a violation of state law. Seattle City Council member Theresa Mosqueda says protesters rights are on the line as well. I think it is abhorrence that our city continues to push for members of the press to hand over video and photos of people participating in their First Amendment rights. Police are hoping the images will help them identify protesters who burned several police cars and stole police weapon. Owns the street Supreme Court will either hear the media's appeal itself or refer it to the state appeals court. Corwin Headache Coma news Renters and landlords in King County will soon be able to apply for assistance through a new 41 plus million dollar fund. The effort, which has largely funded through the Federal Cares Act will continue through December. 30th those who have fallen behind or are missing rent payments can apply for three full months of rental relief, though there are some restrictions on who can receive the funding. Seattle Times reports that the program will last beyond the October 15th statewide moratorium on evictions put in place by Governor Jay Inslee, homeless and formerly homeless people who have been critics of the system will have more of a voice on policy in King County. Almost Bill O'Neill explains. In terms of power, the move is a relatively small one and giving more of a say to people who have been critical of elected in nonprofit leaders. The vote came at the monthly meeting of the governing board of the Regional Homelessness Authority, which was created to consolidate all policy and budget decisions. The Movil impact three members of the 12 Seaboard. Seattle Times reports. King County has for years been giving seats on decision making boards to people who've been homeless but have left it up to nonprofits or agencies to choose those participants below. Neil, Come on. It's just people were killed in a crash overnight in Tacoma. It started as a hit and run along Hosmer Street around 11 30 last night. The driver took off and then hit two vehicles on Park Avenue North South 84th. One of those cars had people in it and the driver in that car and then the hit and run driver died. A passenger in the hit and run car was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Ah, wildfire burning in Okanogan County has now doubled in size. The Palmer fire is burning more than 11,000 acres. It's not contained the National Guard's helping fight the flames. The fire's moving toward the Canadian border. Coming up. Next, we'll tell you who the winner was in our daily trivia contest. Will update. Cuomo SPORTS Right now, Savings count more than.

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